AA / RAC - What is the best one for breakdown cover in NI

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Hi there

Completely hopless with cars and want to join a breakdown cover service. Has anyone had any experience with any?
What is the best one for Northern Ireland ?



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    Hi there,
    Congrats on your first post!
    I don't have breakdown cover but some mates who are insured through Open & Direct say that they use Green Flag as their breakdown cover service.


    But I think Green Flag, AA and RAC are all the same over here. A repairman would be contracted to all three. But then again I have no breakdown cover!Maybe someone else with breakdown cover can throw more light on this!
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    I used to be with Green Flag. Even had to call them out once over here (and once in Wales). They ask you were you are and then contact their nearest garage - this is just a local garage that Green Flag has on their books.

    I am now with RAC. I think the reason I changed to them was that they were cheaper - buy online for some discount. (Green Flag put their prices up, this was a few years ago now). Have never had to call them out so can't comment on them.

    I only have the basic cover; roadside assistance I think it is.
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    Hi Tesco are offering cover with Green Flag cheaper than GF directly. I'm tempted at £79 all in but again not sure of GF's reputation.

    On the other hand i have a code for RAC which gives you 25% off - quote ref DT0291 - it still works out more expansive than the offer above. For e.g. Roadside, Recovery and at home with 25% is £94.50.
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    Why not use Tesco Clubcard vouchers for RAC membership. I got years cover for just over £11 in vouchers.
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    I don't know if this applies to NI but a poster on this site once supplied a code that gave a whopping great deal on breakdown policy with Norwich Union (they use RAC). I'm not certain if the code still works but its worth a try. Click <here>

    i'm a bit surprised about the comment below the first post in that link about having motor insurance with them. When I rang up they asked me if I did. I said no, but they didn't have a problem with that.
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    The AA - very good and they listen!! I live in GB and AA cover referred to UK and Eire. One assistant advised me that I needed 5* cover if travelling to Eire or NI because it was across water. So when I went to work in Dublin, I changed my 'home' address to my NI address - that covered me North and South. I return to work in England. Want to travel back to NI - again crossing water and this time I am told by the assistant that I don't need 5* for either northern or southern ireland??**!! But anyway, I have been rescued from Mullingar. Instead of one pick up for a breakdown, because it was Christmas and I was a long standing customer, the AA came to my rescue for a second pick up!! So I have truly earned my subscriptions back. And its for any car. I also have Green Flag with my Insurance but after my bucktoothed friend needed her car tsaken to Lewes in East Sussex and it was taken to Loos in Cornwall - I think I'll stick with the AA!!
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    I have been with Allianz (can't remember their previous name) for my car insurance over the past few years and their policy comes with a good offer on RAC cover (which I have used and been impressed by the service) - maybe worth checking out if your car insurance is up for renewal soon.
    butterfly )i(
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    If you break down you tend to want to get on with your journey,so i plumped for AA because they had more patrols then anyone else.Also even on there roadside cover they will give you an hire car for onward travel included in there basic price. The RAC and Green Flag dont do that.The AA also tend to use there own recovery transporters.The RAC dont have any, and have to call a garage in if they cant tow you.As for Green Flag the only vehicle they appear to have is the one that jumps over Tower Bridge in there TV Ad.
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    We are with AutoAid recovery.Cheapest by far.You need to pay recovery firm and then claim and they say claims usually settled within two weeks.£29pa.Their phone no. is 01277 235500
    Val :)
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