My 11 year old son has just taken up Rugby and his Rugby shirt is filthy.

I have scrunged liquid on, but am still having to wash it twice.

Any ideas on removing mud - even oxiclean wouldn't shift it in one wash last week.

I would soak it, but it is red with a white collar and he has a major aversion to pink :D

It is costing me a fortune in leccy to wash it.

Named after my cat, picture coming shortly


  • Soak it and it will come out easier but put salt in the water and the red won't run ;D
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    I use borax, available from Boot £2.00 something for 750g.

    It comes in powder form and what I usually do is:

    -dampen area with stain

    -put a small amount of borax onto dampened area (if particularly hard to remove stain, then give it a bit of a scrub) and leave it for a few minutes

    -wash in the normal way

    Apparently borax will not damage anything that would not normally be damaged by water.


    Ps I also use it once a week, combined with my normal shampoo to remove build up of 'products' from my hair!

    Cannot recommend this stuff enough!

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    i use borax on my boys rugby and football stuff, is fantastic. never used it on my hair though, will have to give that a try.
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