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ICICI - double direct debit problem

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jimshorts72jimshorts72 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Savings & Investments
The other night I tried to transfer £670 from my Halifax current account to my ICICI HiSave Account using the 'transfer funds' on the ICICI website. Last night I checked both and was surprised to find my Halifax Account was overdrawn. ICICI have sent a direct debit request to Halifax for the £670 TWICE. Halifax have sent two lots of £670 but only one lot of £670 has landed in my ICICI account and no sign of the other one :( Spoke to Halifax and they recommended I fill in a DD indemnity which I did today. My worry is that Halifax will claw back £670 from ICICI which ICICI will deduct from my account leaving me with £670 lost in the ether somewhere. I've spoken to ICICI tonight and tried to explain the situation. They are going to investigate and get back to me within 4 working days. Any other suggestions for what I can do to resolve this? First problem I've had with ICICI but not a trivial one to have!


  • MarkyMarkDMarkyMarkD Forumite
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    I think you just have to give ICICI a few days to resolve things. They will be able to easily trace whether they requested the payment once or twice, and how many were successful, so eventually they will sort your account balance out.
  • MikeyorksMikeyorks Forumite
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    Meantime .... ask Halifax to give you a temp overdraft if it means funds are low. Potentially better bet than claiming on the DD Guarantee .... as you could meet your funds coming back etc etc!
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  • Paul_HerringPaul_Herring Forumite
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    Is this sort of thing still going on??!?
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  • Luckily already got overdraft facility so nothing should bounce! Actually, bad though it is, it could have been worse as I moved £3K a couple of nights earlier - if they'd doubled that one up then I would have been :eek:

    Still waiting to hear anything from ICICI - not great customer service, but suppose that's how they manage to pay the interest rates they do.
  • pfpfpfpf Forumite
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    just wondering if its possible to send money to an ICICI account via BACS rather than use the DD function?

    just opened an ICICI account and i take it you only have the one linked account, the same as one as you send your cheque from?

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