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Egg !!!!!

in N. Ireland
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For the 5 and a half years I have been living in my house, I have been receiving mail from a company called Egg, for the previous occupant (who has been deceased for at least 5yrs). Initially I wrote RTS and posted back to them, with the words 'deceased' but they still kept sending mail. In Jan 07 I wrote to them explaining my frustration and even suggested they forward the letters to Carnmoney Cemetery, but alas they kept on coming. In Jun 07 I phoned to complain again, and in Aug & Nov 07 I received letters addressed both to the previous occupant, and myself ! When I asked them to delete the person from their database, they obviously substituted their name with mine. I then wrote to the Financial Ombudsman Service in Nov 07, but was advised that 'the firms activities in this instance are not covered by FSA regulations'. I have this month again, received another letter addressed to the previous occupant, and am at a loss for where to go from here. Does anyone know if there is any legal action I can take against this company, or do I just have to put up with it......... :confused:


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