who do I report it to?

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    Thank you for all comments, I have reported it to the police

  • It must have been a hard thing to do.

    Well done caris, lets hope it all works out in the end.
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    well done caris you have not only saved someone elses life but also your daughters so dont feel bad about it because if she had a fit at the wheel theres a good chance she could kill herself :(

    Stephb xx
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    vaio wrote: »
    sorry to inject a bit of reality but if you get involved in a serious accident caused by an uninsured drive the Motor Insurers Bureau will pick the costs

    Not necessarily.

    If you are hit by an uninsured driver, the MIB acts as payer of last resort.

    So for your own car's damage, if you claim through your own comprehensive cover then your NCD will be affected (unless it is protected). Even if you claim for property damage through MID then there is a £300 excess.

    So it's not a complete safety net.

    Oh, and property damage is now covered up to £1 million as a result of the 5th EU Motor Insurance Directive.

    Well done to the OP. It must have been difficult.
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    While I appreciate her anger at having her independence removed from her, it may be the case that one day her epilepsy will subside or a new treatment will be available and she will be able to drive again. Hopefully the police will be sensible over it and not go in all guns blaring and it should be enough to stop her driving.
  • Anewman, appreciate that - but, she has to learn you have to abide by the law and make sure your car is legal. Think we all know that epilepsy can be managed, in most cases, but have to take responsibility for the fact that driving a car that is uninsured, untaxed and without MOT is extremely irresponsible and potentially dangerous.
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  • If she has a medical condition that means she cant drive im pretty sure she can get a card to alllow her half price on public transport. Thats the case here in NI anyway. Its worth looking into.
    I think you did the right thing in reporting her, it must have been hard but i would have done the same. :D
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  • Phone the Police and hopefully they will confiscate her car.

    If you dont want to phone the police on her, I understand she is your daughter after all, does as previously advised and slash all the tyres.
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