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Hi all

I am looking to purchase 3 properties very soon.

2 Buy to let and 1 as a first time buyer 100% mortgage deal.
Anyone know of any good deals at present without an early redemption as i am looking to sell all three in a year. Just using it as a stepping stone to get on property ladder.

More importantly, as i have 3 mortages going through i want to know where i can get the conveyancing done on the cheap?
Is online conveyancing any good? whoes the cheapest? anyone got any links? or experience with these>?

if i save myself a £100 on each.. it soon adds up on 3 properties.


P.S. Sorry if a similar thread has already been posted!


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    Are you sure it is wise to take on a 100% mortage and 2 buy-to-let peroperties mortgaged? A 100% mortgage is enough of a risk at the moment with propery prices likely to drop (resulting in negative equity) and as to buy-to-let, well....according to these forums and info in the media, the buy-to-let market is flooded, a lot of investers are pulling out before they lose money on their so called 'investment' etc.

    Then to say you would be selling in a year? Are you sure you would make any profit in a year? What if prices go down ????
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    I am getting a good deal on these three properties. Buying them for cheaper than what was paid for them in October 2003. Surely i am looking to make some sort of gain!!

    I have checked price paid for them on the landregistry and i think the value of houses has gone up since oct 2003. I think i will make a few quid out of these.

    Person i am buying from is after a quick deal, and hopefully i can get finance sorted at a good rate to secure that!

    Hence see my reasoning!
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