next directory free delivery code anyone?

does anyone have a free delivery code etc for the next directory - only want a small order and they say its only available through the online directory so dont want to fork out £3.50 unless i have too ?


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    Great link thanks :beer:
    Shaz xx
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    Just used *** on £54 order , many thanks for that!
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    Taken from Online Vouchers: The Rules and Guidance
    The 'Source' convention

    When you post codes, each and every time please note the 'source' of these codes and the fact that they can be used by all (if they cannot be used by all, but just a closed user group ( then unless that is a large group e.g. only NHS workers, in which case state this explicity) then don't post it.

    If someone has not put the source, please do not use them. You could be committing fraud. Firms are becoming more sensitive to misuse of their vouchers.

    The best thing to do is question the poster over the source. If no reasoned answer is forthcoming, either ignore the post, or better still report it to the Abuse Controller.
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    Wirm - can't remember where the code came from, but its widely available. Okey Dokey!
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    I went to my local next and they ordered my items in from the catalogue. Two days delivery for free, plus added various sizes for fit and i refunded any i didn't want, could have been the entire order the assistant told me.
  • Perfect ! Thanks for this - not well enough to go to nearest store 30 miles away, and wasn't prepared to pay £3.50 delivery, so this has made my day...

    Thanks xx
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    :T :T :T :T :T
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    lyniced wrote:
    Wirm - can't remember where the code came from, but its widely available. Okey Dokey!
    As it says in the Site Rules you have to post the source. Sorry...
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    http://ukshops.!!!!!!/vouchers.html the 2 vouchers are listed on this site - says you can use it more than once and no restricions are listed!

    The codes are V5022 & K5005

    Think that is within the rules if not then sorry:beer:

    :j :j
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