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Slice The Pie FAQ’S

*some of this information has been taken from the slice the pie faq's page*

What is slice the pie

Slicethepie turns every music fan into a record label. Earn money right now scouting for new talent, support your favourite artists by voting in Showcases and finance artists you think will be successful. Trade in and out of artists to build your own portfolio and make money in the process.

Slicethepie is unique, it enables artists to work together with their fans to take control of their artistic and financial destiny.

What do I have to do

To start earning you just need to start writing reviews you’ll need to click on scout rooms then your music player will start playing you a track. You won't see who the artist is, you’ll need to listen to 60 seconds of the track then you need to rate the track out of ten and write your review about what you thought of the track.
The band and track name will show once the review has been written if you like the track you can add it to your watchlist

How does it work

Slice the pie pays you for each review that you write
As you progress in stars so does the amount that you earn per track that you review
You will start as a one star scout and as your slice the pie time goes on you will move up
Scout payment:
· 1 STAR (£0.03 per track)
· 2 STARS (£0.05 per track)
· 3 STARS (£0.07 per track)
· 4 STARS (£0.09 per track)
· 5 STARS (£0.12 per track)

To go up in stars there are a number of factors to take into account generally factors that contribute to whether you get up in stars are made up of the following
The amount of reviews you do
Your accuracy
How detailed your reviews are

What should I write in my review

Your review should be personal to you, You will need to write what you think.
It will be your thoughts and feeling that you write about, The more detailed you are about the track the quicker you will go up in stars
The below list contains some helpful hints and tips if your struggling to know what to write about

- Structure
- Music and Lyrics
- Ways it can be improved
- Inventiveness and originality
- How it makes you feel
- Was it enjoyable
- Did it stand out
- Tightness of the performance
- Musicality of the arrangement

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]So I thought I would add to the section about what to write a lot of the scouts that are members here of mse have put together lists of the words they use for the good songs and the words they use for the bad,So this is here for you to make use of should you wish to

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]For the good songs[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Sings with passion, professional, interesting, well performed, character, original, fresh, unique, upbeat, personality, summery, commercial, individuality, innovative, distinctive, pleasant, enjoyable, memorable, catchy, great, fab, wonderful, enjoyable, Emotion[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]relaxing, inspirational, dynamic, balanced , catchy , well constructed[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]refreshing, original, mellow, atmospheric, toe tapping, sharp, challenging, creative, edgy, daring, sunny, bouncy,raucous,plucky,well produced, smooth quality,introspective (for tracks that have good speaks from the heart lyrics) soaring,heartfelt,meaningful,from the heart,meandering[/FONT]

Of course there's nothing to stop you from being a little out there and being different take for example this prime offering from TheAmazingDuck
like a lovely porcupine playing in a summer meadow with his favourite hat on
It may be different but I'm sure it would make the band laugh

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]For the bad songs[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Boring, uninspiring, bland, unimaginative, generic, tuneless, unoriginal, weird[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Uninteresting, random, pitching, tuning issues, don't sing with conviction, dull, boring, flat, strange, indescribable, superficial, Superfluous[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]repetitive, typical, predictable, poorly constructed[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]flabby, plodding, banal, lazy, brutal, unoriginal, mind numbing, derivative, offensive, puerile, painful, laughable, vomit inducing [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, sans-serif]not linear, no structure,banal,uninspiring,lacks depth,sparkle,no charisma,flat,no thought,no passion,no feeling,unoriginal,samey,odd,bizarre,thrown together,[/FONT]

How long do they need to be

I would always suggest that you try to write at least 3 lines even though I know sometimes that’s really difficult when it’s a song or a genre that you don’t like,Something to bear in mind it's not always good to write a review for a genre you dont like or don't know much about because the band wont get anything from it
Try not to be influenced by your personal taste but do try and be personal if you can
I would suggest finding something positive to say even if you don’t like the track

What is my accuracy

Your accuracy is a slightly confusing thing
Your accuracy is how good you are at rating tracks
Your accuracy comes from what you rate your tracks out of 10 compared to the rest of the scouts on the website
So for example if you rate a track a 3 and the majority of scouts rate a track 7 then your accuracy will not be very good as your rating isn’t with the majority and therefore isn’t accurate
However if you rate the track 5 and the rest of the scouts rate it 5 to then your accuracy will increase,You should however rate the tracks with the rest of the public in mind how do you think it would do in the charts or how would others like it etc

How do I find my accuracy

Your accuracy can be found by downloading the face book application, A link to it can be found on the Slice The Pie website

What are tips
Tips are what are given to you as you review a certain number of tracks

How do I use my tips

You can use your tips to back bands that you like
As you go through the reviewing process you will find bands that you enjoy you get the opportunity to add these to your watch list
You can use your tip for any band that you enjoy, you will need to go to your watch list and then locate the band that you like next to the band name will be an option to use tip
When a scout room comes to an end the bands with the most tips get through to the show case and a chance to be financed so your tips are your way of backing the bands that you like the best

*Please note that you will need to use all of your tips before the scout room closes, if you have built up a lot of tips but havent used them on bands by the time the room closes your tips will be lost and won't be carried on to the next room so i would suggest tipping as you go along not waiting untill the end*

How do I take my money out?

When you start reviewing your money will slowly build up
Depending on how many reviews you do and how often
Obviously amounts given per track are different depending on your star rating
You can withdraw your money once you have made £5.00 you can do this my choosing to send the money to paypal
To withdraw your money go to the myslice page there will be a box with account details on it, this will tell you how much you currently have earned, click on view my account details this will take you to a new page on the left hand side is an option that says withdrawal to pay pal, select that option on the new page you will be given the option to take out the money you have earned, you don’t have to take it all so just type in your amount and pop in your paypal details
An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you that you have requested the withdrawal, you will also get a confirmation when that money has gone in to your paypal account

This is just a general overview on the most frequently asked questions for slice the pie
If there is anything I havent covered do ask on the slice the pie threads in the up your income board



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