The Great 'Instant Cash Injection for January' Hunt

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It’s the classic New Year predicament: people get paid early in December, overspend at Christmas and face a serious financial shortfall come January. The best way to protect your pocket is to budget and spread the cost through the year.

Yet, sadly, many will still be struggling; so I thought I’d tap MoneySavers for creative ways to get instant extra cash in your pocket right now. The rule is that you must be able to get the cash in your pocket immediately i.e. not have to wait days for it to come through. It can’t involve spending on a credit card, borrowing from relatives or going down the pawn shop. And it must be legal!

Please post below to share your ideas on how to make instant cash for January.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • robpw2
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    make some food, such as bread,cakes, etc and sell them to work collgues.

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  • Sell unwanted gifts on ebay.
  • mystery07
    mystery07 Posts: 247 Forumite
    dan832947 wrote: »
    Sell unwanted gifts on ebay.

    Or Amazon or QXL or stuff for sale or car-boot or free local ads.
  • mystery07
    mystery07 Posts: 247 Forumite
    Or offer cleaning/ironing or car washing to friends/relatives/neighbours in exchange for a few £££.

    Or try matched betting, even if your not serious about it, you can easily make a few hundred very quickly (see the gambling board)
  • good time to look for second job - check out local cafes or chips shops for delivery driver or counter staff.

    Sign up for mystery shopping. Doesnt pay very much but you could have a nice free meal out which will help beat the January blues and will make you feel richer than you actually are!

    Complain about any 'gifts' you recieved over christmas which didnt work or last beyond boxing day. kids toys notoriously break quickly! You may get vouchers or a replacement.

    Sign up and review some music on slice the pie.

    Review your rewards cards and use points for food (sainsburys) or deals (tesco) to help you through the lean period.

    Review what you spend your money on and see if you can reduce your you really need the full sky package or do you want to put petrol in the car(be aware that you will probably have a 1 month cancellation term).
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  • loumac
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    Only enchoing some of the above but this month in a quest to beat the Jan blues I have:

    - joined the slice the pie challenge and have £20 in my paypal account. Not instant I appreciate but fun, easy to do and a pretty quick method.

    - signed up for mystery shopping and I have my first mission next week.

    - started saving pound coins in (my new [christmas present]) money box - up to £23 already. Not new money I know but this could easily have been frittered away otherwise.

    - used boots points (earnt from buying Xmas presents) to buy my toiletries for the start of the year.

    The challenge will be keeping it up all year...... :D
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  • lililou
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    Review your cd collection and sell ones on Amazon that you haven't played for ages and probably never will again. I raised £125 in the last month.
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  • jessicamb
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    No Deposit (Cashcade) Bingo Sites - Post 572 for latest

    Free bingo where you can withdraw any winnings - read the thread for full details.
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  • jessicamb
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    cancel all the subscription services you have that dont use - sky sports/movies etc. any direct debits/payroll deductions you have had going on for years that are no good/you never use - health plans and the like.
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  • Instead of going to the pub on a Saturday night every other week get a pizza and a case of beer in and your usual drinking buddies and play a dvd quiz game you get for christmas it will save you a load of money that you would of spent on buying rounds.
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