Free £10 to spend at Boots,Outback,WH Smith,Body shop plus loads more

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I've now closed this thread as it has grown so big and started a new thread HERE

Pigsback no longer appear to be honouring points awarded through the Nokia offer and, possibly, via clicks that link to the Irish site. I have now removed the Nokia link and links to the Irish site from this post to avoid any further disappointment.

Some users opening multiple accounts have had their accounts closed. Only one account per person can be opened*

When registering you have to wait 10 days before you claim

For next posts do not thank me thank the people that have posted these on other pages i will list the names and pages after each post so you can do this.

200 points:
mz_philli page 6

50 points
Ems*Honie page 10

The link is on the right hand side

50 pointers

Using all of these points your total including your 150 sign up bonus when you open your account should be 1420 points!!!!


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