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Has anyone had any dealing with these guys?

If not, what about car supermarkets in general, do they allow you to have a test drive?


  • they were recommended to me by a friend who bought their car from them. haven't had the chance to use them yet abut friends car is lovely.
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    It seems they only have one customer;

    " our customer keep on coming back. "

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    Have purchased two cars from Trade Sales in Slough, both were test driven before buying. Both were nearly new, not sure if that makes a difference or not ?
    The salesperson may say NO to a test drive so be persistent and just say that you're not going to part with any cash until you've driven the car and remind them of their commission they may lose without the sale !
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    I've never bought from Trade Sales but I have been there a few times.

    My observations:

    (1) They seem to discourage test drive and push you to go to your local dealer to test drive and then come back when you're ready to buy.

    (2) Salesmen border on the rude. But it's not a palatial glass palace sales experience. They deal in volume and don't want you to pester them if you're not serious.

    (3) The website is flexible with the truth. Most of the stuff listed either isn't in stock ot on display. That said; at least you can have a good poke around the cars in stock.

    (4) They are situated on either side of the A4 and you have to run the gauntlet of traffic to get from one side to another. Not generally a problem if you go outside of rush hour or in daylight. Think of the Frogger game!

    (5) Lots of imports with less warranty than you might think.

    (6) They make their money on Mr Finance and Mr Warranty and Mr Superfluous Accessories.

    (7) You can get a cheap decent new or nearly new car if you do your homework, arrange your own finance, arrange your own warranty and GAP insurance and polish the car yourself.
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    Another way of looking at the above ;-

    1. I'm not sure they discourage test drives, but they don't offer them. Be persistent and you'll get one.

    2. Never experienced a rude salesman personally or one that pesters you (I hate being pestered by saleman), but yes they are a high turnover trade and don't have time to deal with uninterested people. Thats how they keep the car costs down.

    3. To have the volume of cars Trade Sales sell in stock and on site they would need premises 10 x the size. Many of the nearly new listed cars are ex fleet disposals due to come off lease therefore they are advising you what they do and what they will have shortly.

    4. Use the green X code if you're old enough to remember !

    5. Most, but not all (you need to check) are fully valid in the UK.

    6. Very true, like most businesses involved in selling they make their real profits on the additional items, but don't be suckered/talked into them unnecessarily.

    7. Sound advice !
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    Thanks for the above information, has anyone convinced them to part exchange?
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    They will part exchange, but will give the bear minimum only. There's no way you'll get a good part exchange price. They themselves will even advise to sell privately if you want a realistic price for your car. TBH I don't think they want the hassle of disposal to the auction houses.
    Many of the pictures are there as examples only as the car may not be in their possesion yet.
    PS. The new cars are all pre-registered if that makes any difference to you.

    They are a reputable company who have featured on many TV programmes and are reccomended by many well known people, but you do have to do your homework to be on the upper foot.. They do offer exceptionally good deals. Pay them a visit, don't judge on the website alone.

    PS again. I should be getting commision !!
  • I got a new car from them over 5 years ago, back then they were very good and just sold new cars all imports but i managed to save £3,500 of the orginal price.

    However i have been a couple of times in the last year and now most of the cars are second hand and never display the milage, they are normal all ex comapny cars now.

    Have to say they have gone backwards.
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    Well I paid a visit to these people today. The cars are lined up in a fashion so one would have to move 10 cars to get one out to test drive it! The salesman said that no-one has ever test driven their cars (interested to hear otherwise). In fact he didn't even bring the key so I could turn on the engine! Biggest disappointment through was not meeting the nice young lady on their Internet page!;)

    On the way back I called in at a proper dealer quoting trade sales price. They said they would allow me a test drive of the car I was interested in and check the car for me on the computer even if I got one from trade sales! but he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near those prices.
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