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E-bike recommendations after trialling Raleigh Motus Tour 2020

Hi all, 
I've been trialling a Raleigh Motus Tour 2020 for a few months and now looking to buy an e-bike via cycle to work. Would appreciate any recommendations

I use it for a short commute which is up/down a steep hill and potentially for a bit of summer leisure cycling with a child seat on the back. Secure storage at work (but tight spaces)

Rider 75kg and 6'2". Motus is 52 frame.

On the whole it's been really good, the main issues:
- Very heavy especially towards back, need to bring up/down a few steps and round corners at home.
-Hard to maneuver in tight spaces like at full bike racks - weight.
-can't chuck it in the car if I want to ride from another starting point - weight.
-Worry about it being nicked as it's (to me) an expensive thing to leave locked on the street to pop in the shops.
-would like more than 8 gears for pedal power but less of an issue.

Things I like: 
-comfy seat (perhaps not original though) 
-removable battery on frame, and display
-kick stand and pannier rack (obviously can buy separate too)
-Integrated lights powered by battery.

Some Halfords ebikes reduced at the minute that I can get through C2W but not sure where the Motus Tour fits in the spectrum - have I been spoilt with this one or could I get something similar but cheaper? Would like to spend under £1500 but as cheap as I can really to last until the value is written off.

Appreciate any thoughts or recommendations - thank you!


  • powerspowers
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    I’m just selling an ebike to buy a gravel bike. The ebike has been absolutely fab and has helped me get fitter and build my strength on the big hills round me. I’ve done approx 2500 miles on it in 3 years. 

    Mine was a peak forme with a bafang motor, had absolutely no problems with battery/motor which for some ebike is an issue. Would recommend as a brand but the bike I had was commuter style ie look like you are on call the midwife. 

    I did look at the ribble and alpkit e graval bikes which weigh a lot less than a commuter ebike and was very tempted. They are quite new to market and the battery doesn’t sound reliable. 

    Things to bear in mind- spend 10% of the value of your bike on a quality lock and insure your bike against theft. It’s a high value item and I’m still wary where I leave it but this gives some piece of mind. I regularly take into shops/drs surgery as there’s nowhere secure to leave it. 

    A good towbar mounted bike rack can take an e bike but you are right you don’t have the same flexibility to take it out for the day by car. 

    For me, I made the right choice to get an ebike- I was fairly unfit, not very strong and have an underlying physical health condition. 3 years of cycling and I’m stronger so the benefits of the boost are outweighed (literally) by the weight and handling of the bike. If you are already regularly cycling in the lowest setting and wishing you had more gears then maybe consider a road/gravel bike instead - it’s surprising what hills you can get up on the right bike. Also depends on how sweaty is acceptable to turn up at work- I didn’t shower after cycling on the ebike but do need to on a normal bike. 

    Good luck! 
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  • FIREmenow
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    Thanks for this.

    At the moment I'm looking at the Carrera Crossfuse, but they have recently launched a new version and I can only find one review. They don't have my frame size in the old version and couldn't say whether there will be more stock.

    The Bosch motor has been replaced with a Shimano one in the new version, so I'm interested to see how it fares. The Bosch ones are pretty highly rated.
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