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State of Britain's roads

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The road network across the country is in a shockingly bad state and infrastructure overall is deteriorating at an enormous pace as repair and rebuilding can't catch up.

Only the deepest potholes are patched up and that most of the time isn't done properly either and the same holes reappear within 6-12 months. 

When road resurfacing takes place the quality of so called new and freshly resurfaced roads often doesn't even compare in any way of what new roads in other countries e.g. Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany and many other EU countries look like.

This is about quality of tar used for the top layer, rain water distribution to minimise road flooding, often resurfaced roads are as uneven and prone to flooding at the same spots as before, missing road markings, quality of hard shoulders, etc.

Other aspects such as short and long term damage to cars, environmental disadvantages such as noise pollution (rough road surfaces), increased fuel consumption, increased tire wear and resulting particles need a mention too. 

Is the state of British infrastructure, especially the road network, not an embarrassing testament of failure in so many areas such as education of builders, productivity, effective use of funds and engineering?

What plans do the parties have to tackle and change this so Britain's roads become safe again and will be (in decades to come) comparable with roads in the rest of Europe?
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