Lidl bakery coupons

I was not aware that when using multiple coupons for free bakery items that only the lowest value coupon is deducted.
 I got caught out today when trying to use the free bakery item (£50 spend) and a coupon from spin the wheel . Only the lower value spin the wheel was deducted.
The cashier advised you need to put them through separately - not impressed!


  • Largs
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    I didn't know this, last week I used 2 bakery coupons at the one time.  These were both spin the wheel type.  I have 3 on my phone just now, 1 savoury and 2 sweet and will be using them all later.  I take it it saves the other coupon for you to use next time?  Thanks for pointing this out.
  • molerat
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    Clashing bakery coupons has always been a bit of a problem.
  • jon81uk
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    edited 13 February at 2:13PM
    I think when I tried to select two coupons that might be valid for the same item the app wouldn't let me activate both.

    For example I think I had something like two doughnuts for £1 and also the free bakery item and it wouldn't allow both to be active.
  • 2childmum2
    2childmum2 Posts: 175
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    I've just put two spin the wheel bakery items through at the same time and got both of them free and a friend has done the same
    I'm not sure about putting the free ' spend £50 for any free item' through at the same time though - maybe because it's not a specific item it doesn't work.
    But you can put the free item through separately after you've paid for your main shop
  • GillyLucy
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    The app allowed me to activate 2 coupons, but only deducted the lower value one.
    The Lidl cashier advised I neede to put through as separate transactions which I tried but the one from the £50 spend still did not work. I contacted Lidl who sorted out for me.
  • HillStreetBlues
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    Was in Lild today the only time this month, the only thing I didn't want to win was a pretzel as had one about 25 years ago and hated it.
    I won a pretzel, wonderful, but thought I might as well try it as maybe my tastes have changed, so got one, turns out I hate it even more than I remembered :s

    Let's Be Careful Out There
  • thriftytracey
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    Yes, I discovered that a while back so now I put a loaf through first, get that free, then put the rest of the shopping through.
  • Largs
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    I was meant to be losing my Christmas and New Year belly but have been in there every other day for a freeby to go with a cuppa.  I'll be glad come end of February to give it a rest.  I have enjoyed trying things I would not normally.  The best so far was the chocolate brownie, it was really good!
  • My favourites are pastel de nata, chocolate brownie and the pecan and something pastry.  Sorry, I forget the other ingredient.  I've posted on here before we love the low GI bread, it is so tasty, but I do feel it is suffering from shrinkflation.
  • FIREDreamer
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    The honey and oat loaf is lovely but you don’t get much for £1.99 sadly. Got it free twice though - lovely jubbly.
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