Dispute raised with Card company and got refund now Aspect is saying I owe them invoice after 2years

I recently received text saying you have outstanding balance of £239.04 from Aspect maintenance. First I ignored and then I received again as I thought it was bogus. Then I looked and called the company. The company said I have invoice outstanding, I said for which company they said Aspect Maintenance. First I dint recall and then I explained the whole story that Aspect came out and did not complete the job and wanted to come next day as they made big story that there was Environment issue and I had Victorian drainage system. They originally quoted me on call when I booked the service to unblock the toilet £160+VAT. I gave my card details they quoted me 1 hour time. I only contracted them to fix one toilet though both my toilet was blocked but for that night i needed only one toilet . The man unblock the toilet in 15min but kept going in circle and killing time then he said he wanted to look in second toilet which he said he needs to investigation etc etc and it will take him 7-8 hours to conclude etc as its Environmental issue the soil is not connected to drain but connected with neighbour . The next company called me next day saying the engineer wants to come out started pressurizing me. I gave second thought and called Thames Water as it was environmental and bla bla query. Thames water came and said my drain is private the blockage is local inside the toilet and the man who came dint knew what he was doing. So I called back Aspect and said is your engineer coming back to fix the problem free of charge she said no but will be £160+VAT /hour and has no timeline as he needs to do.
Then I called another company Home Improvements , who came out and I dint say anything they unblocked the toilet in 20 min. Without my knowledge now the company charged me £439 pound and + 2 cap of Domestos 38pound +VAT. This all was never said on the call, as I had bleach etc.But without generating invoice and report they already charged my card first for £439 and then after 5 days another £47.07 pound. I emailed the company saying why they took another amount from my account then what was agreed they said as the engineer had spend 2 hours in my property. But why should I pay for him putting back his tool and gossiping in property and trying to corner. Then I said you did not provide the service that I was expecting you overcharged me and now the third party report clearly says the issue that existed so she need to refund the money and I will only pay for contractual payment agreed. She initially said to send me report which i did and then she replied well our engineer was coming to do same job. But this was not what they were saying when i contacted them to fix the problem as he mis leaded me they wanted more money. She refused to pay me when I wrote your engineer wanted investigation done and charge me more. They stop responding me. 
I called the bank and raise dispute and explain all the details and send all emails, third party reports and they dint send me invoice but just deducted money without my consent to different to what was agreed. So bank looked at the problem and report and decided to partially process my refund and said under master card agreement the company has 45days to raise the dispute. Which Aspect did not raise and dint contacted me ever from then onward. 
Last year Dec 2023 I started receiving messages from CRS which claimed I owe money as if I never paid Aspect. Then when I gave all evidence then they said yes because they were coming out but you said no this was final response. Despite me sending all bank documentation. Now CRS has shared me two invoices with wrong Job number and dates two times to prove those were send to me, but no email trial and they keep harassing me i owe money despite explaining I disputed and Aspect had time to respond and bring the case which they did not so after 2 year they can say what they want.

I need advice as what should I do as I paid a solicitor who said CRS has no power to pursue  anything as this is not financial related activity but a plumbing job. This activity of collection is not regulated by FCA. I called FCA and they said to write formal complain and they cannot send you collection under banner they are authorized FCA. Once they get formal complain reply then they will look. I am concerned that my details were passed without my consent and why two years and they keep producing fake documents dates etc. I need guidance where my case stands and I am ready to produce this in court as I feel this is harassment the way CRS dealt with it and Aspect producing fake documentation.


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    They believe you owe them money, you dispute that.

    They have six years in which to bring a claim through the courts, the clock starts from the last time the debt was either paid or acknowledged in writing.

    If you were to get a court claim, then you would have the opportunity to provide a defence to it, otherwise, unless or until that happens, just ignore them.

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    Thank you so much @sourcrates. But so far nothing has been said and when I asked they said its up to the client to decide. As I have accumulated all the proofs as I said they keep making up new dates, invoice number and Job numbers and utilizing the documents I provided from the chargeback team as they also contacted CS before making decisions.This was just part refund , I still lost money.
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