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Legislation Around Invalid Smoke Alarms



  • pumas
    pumas Posts: 132 Forumite
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    As the expiry date of the alarm is in the smallest font at the highest point possible, I've written it and the battery installed dates on the underside. Maybe not aesthetically pleasing, but unlikely to need a stepladder at 2:00 a.m.
  • Albermarle
    Albermarle Posts: 21,917 Forumite
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    35har1old said:
    njkmr said:
    its probably only the battery that needs replacing to stop the beeps ,but i would certainly mention it to letting agent so it can be replaced (the whole unit) if thats needed.

    The sensor, that detects the smoke, has a circa 10 year lifespan before it needs replacing - as it will be less effective at detecting a fire.

    so if the sticker says it needs replacing and/or it’s been there for more than ten years, replace it. 
    If back up battery is beeping it would suggest that it's has been activated due to possible fault in the hard wire connection
    Have you carried out a test recently to see if the alarm activates 
    The back up battery will beep when it is running low, even when the hard wire connection is still OK.
  • ProDave
    ProDave Posts: 3,700 Forumite
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    35har1old said:
    ProDave said:
    Just go to the agent or the landlord and point out needs replacing.  I very much doubt they will refuse.  Even if in date, the backup battery does not last forever and will chirp when it is getting low, and cold weather often triggers it over night when it is low.

    The newer versions now have a rechargeable lithium battery so should not bother you with chirping.
    May not be  hard wire compatible which may be required for rental premises.Plus landlord not likely to want to pay nearly 3 times the price

    Interlinking may be hard wired or wireless and can be a mixture. The only rule being they must all be the same make as the interlinking protocol is not standard between different makes.  The LL may not like paying to replace them, but it is one of his obligations.
  • Rodders53
    Rodders53 Posts: 2,146 Forumite
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    edited 15 January at 11:24AM
    The alarm needs replacing asap...  Along with all the other interlinked ones in all likelihood.  Just tell the Agent and be firm that this needs done quite urgently, in view of the replace by date on the alarm.

    I had to do the ones in this home a few years after moving in (I'm owner-occupier).  The backplates / hard wiring needed swapping over as well even with the same brand of alarms (although that may just have been my choice due to the plastic colour change).  On mine it states "Replace by November 2030" or similar (not all have the exact same expiry but all were over 10 years from date of purchase).  Mine were 3x optical smoke and 1x heat sensor (kitchen).

    There is some debate over whether the (max) 5-yearly EICR (electrical safety check report) should cover Smoke Alarms, including the replace by date.  Check out your copy to see if they are mentioned?
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