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Gym Car Park - PCN Received in Post

Good Morning, thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to help me with my case.

I have read the NEWBIE thread (several times) along with other sticky threads and other posts, but still slightly unclear on how/what I should do.

My Story:
Over the Christmas I signed up to a new gym (The Gy_m Gr0up) in England and I visited 3 times. During the first week of January I received in the post 3 separate PCN notices stating the car I own parked in a car park in breach of the terms and conditions. I did not enter my car registration into a tablet on entry when I visited the gym on these occasions. (There was no mention of this in my gym welcome emails and this was not a requirement when I was previously a member in 2019. An online review company has pages of complaints and 1* reviews to this gym for parking fines). 

I am appealing all three PCN's this morning - as the "registered keeper of the vehicle". I will show an app screenshot from "the drivers gym app" which shows legitimate gym visits which match the PCN fines. I do not expect this appeal to be accepted. 

I have already complained to the gym "complaints team" but they directed me to appeal the fine directly with PCN company. I will also be drafting (utilising chatGPT) letters to email to senior members of gym (using popular social media platforms to identify who might be in a position of authority at the company.) I will also email/complain to the local manager of the gym (message board indicate they are not helpful - but a step in process for me nonetheless).

The PCN's seem pretty solid (includes all details of the "charge" and has photos showing the vehicle with number plate - the driver is not identified in the images. It also appears to have all required info from POFA paragraph 9. All three visits were in the dark. 

Question - assuming the PCN appeal is rejected, are the next steps are likely to be: 1) Second Stage Appeal (IAS or POPLA) 2) Debt Collector Letters (to be ignored) 3) finally a possible small court case to defend? Upon further inspection the car park does have approximately A2 sized signs mentioning gym users must enter their car registration (high level signs, quite small text). I have a video recorded (using a phone holder on the dashboard, phone was not operated at all while driving) which shows no clear signage on entry to gym car park (only these "A2 size" parking signs).

side note - I do not recall seeing signage on my three visits in question within the gym advising you must enter your registration. The signage has changed since Christmas (a large "festive fundraiser" flipchart is no longer at the entrance which caught my eye on entry every day - now there is a large pull up banner saying enter reg - that was probably there before but the festive fundraised flipchart in bright red always caught my eye.) I took photos early January of the entrance lobby and there was no signage, today I more photos there is now an A4 sign on a stand in the same lobby. There is an A4 sign on a stand at bottom of stairs which I do not recall seeing - however I have no evidence to prove that it wasn't there previously (but judging by proof they have added at least one sign I believe it's likely this sign is also new).

If anyone has any useful information or advice that might help, then by all means please let me know. I will update this thread as/when I have updates on the case. 


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    Who is the PCN company?
  • Coupon-mad
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    edited 13 January at 4:30PM
    "utilising chatGPT"

    PLEASE please please please don't.

    Aargh it is appalling; you don't need that rubbish language.  DON'T use Chat GPT.

    Do users not realise that recipients of Chat GPT letters can spot it at twenty paces and will laugh at it?
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
    CLICK at the top of this/any page where it says:
    Forum Home»Motoring»Parking Tickets Fines & Parking - read the NEWBIES THREAD
  • Le_Kirk
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    You need to keep on at the gym and insist that they get it cancelled - they CAN - despite what they say.  Did the PPC just rock up to the gym put up its signs and install a tablet device in reception without the gym owners knowledge or permission?  Doubt it!  Just tell the gym manager, in writing, that you will have to cancel your membership and receive a refund on everything you have paid, as you cannot afford to be a member of a gym that charges its members an additional £100 (£170) per visit.  Other gyms that value their customers are available.
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