keto / paleo / carnivore forums

I'm not sure if there is a dedicated food forum on mse, I want to talk about the above diets and ask questions. 
If there isn't  can anyone recommend any others where I can talk to people trying out these diets? 


  • MrsStepford
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    For Paleo, Google Dr Loren Cordain, he was the first to write a book. There's  Paleo Magazine in USA.
    Gary Taubes wrote a book The Case For Keto. 

    The difference between low carb and keto is basically that Keto allows fewer carbs and is generally stricter.
    Dr Andreas Eenfeldt has a low carb website

    Martina Slajerova has written several books on Keto cooking, including a slow cooker Keto cookbook.
    Linda Gassenheimer and Annie Bell have written low carb cookbooks. Rose Elliot wrote a vegetarian low carb cookbook. Maria Emmerich does low carb cooking videos and did one with Halle Berry. Bobby Parrish of Flavcity does YouaTube videos and has a keto-paleo cookbook. 

    Dr Eric Westman of Duke University has written low carb books.

    Atkins is low carb.

    If you look up Low Carb Denver on YouTube you will find eminent doctors talking at the annual conference. Another series of annual low carb conferences is Low Carb Down Under. 

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    The only thing I'd say about talking about this kind of stuff on the MSE Forum is that we'd ask that people stay focussed on the food and shopping side and away from anything that could be construed as breaking our rules on giving or receiving medical advice.
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  • DullGreyGuy
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    The difference between low carb and keto is basically that Keto allows fewer carbs and is generally stricter. 
    Without discussing the claimed benefits or its implications...

    Keto is explicitly very low carb and high fat with the view of causing ketogenesis. Low carb by definition is simply low carb, "low" could be higher or lower than Keto, and it doesn't explicitly aim for high fat etc. So Keto is a form of Low Carb but Low Carb isn't automatically Keto, kind of like squares and rectangles.

    This is the closest to a "food" section on MSE but as per the warning above you'll fall foul of rules if your questions verge into health benefits (though MSE turn blind eye to more conventional advice around health)... fine to ask for recommended recipes etc. 
  • tiger135
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    I am just looking for help with easy meals on this way of eating.
    As someone who was never taught how to cook I have little confidence doing it.
    Even things like cooking mince, or steak.
    Or doing things with eggs.
    I think Im gong to try things like minced beef /lamb with cauliflower cheese as a meal.
    Or salmon fillets abd broccoli cheese.
    Sounds like it will be low carb and filling.
    For breakfast I might try greek /coconut yoghurt with flaxseeds/ almond butter. 
    Thats the sort of thing I just want a few more ideas of things really easy to buy and cook. 
    2 meals a day sounds sufficient.
    I also want to be avoiding yeast as I have a feeling it makes a skin condition flare up. I am hoping starving the yeast might clear it up for good. 
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    have you looked for recipes on line- I haven't but suspect there will loads.
     For basic cooking Jamie Oliver had some great meals in his £1 Wonders series. You won't go far wrong if you stick with proteins (meat, eggs, cheese) lots of veg- especially green ones and fruit- especially berries. 

    For breakfast an omelette will be longer lasting than yoghurt

    If you want to starve yeast keep away from anything that is laden with sugar
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    Do you have a library near you Tiger? If possible pop in and see what kind of books they have available (lots probably). You might strike lucky with a librarian who'll give you some pointers. Once you get the swing of things how about going round the charity shops and getting yourself a few cookery books? Having a look online for any recipes/chefs you like will give you an idea where to start with the books :) 
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