B Gas to Octopus wrong readings now BWLEGAL

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Hi a long time since i posted. 
recently moved to a property to meet my medical needs was in old place 35yrs no bad debt etc
i was with bulb then octopus at old address  so wanted to stay with them change over sorted.

here previous tenant was with BG after a while i got a bill from BG Somehow in my name.  for a period of 2 weeks  electric 2 week. -  gas 1 week - the 1 week gas happened because for 7 days the gas was capped off before local council could get gas meter turned on. so i had 2 week electric BG and  1 week gas with BG this about right then the change to octopus happened

got some bills come around £22 electric and £17 gas in my name from BG i dont have a BG Account or email registered with BG but they had my name - THESE Bills paid prompt and in full. got receipts. 

then weeks go by and i get high bills come in other peoples names and then in my name like £140+ Gas so i contact BG on chat told ignore these bills they some ones else's bills
Months go by nothing like 8 months, Dec 2023 then a gas bill in my name again £146+ for 2 weeks but i know its 1 week because the meter was not in use for 7 days until it was uncapped, 

again got onto BG Chat during that chat BG said they had a opening  reading of 802 then 913 reading when closed. i told then this was wrong MY Meter reading now today  are still in the 800s in Jan 2024 i i have screenshots all year of bills. i also have the meter reading when it changed over late april 2023 that reading was 813. NOT 913 and as i say i have all year readings  - SOMEHOW The reading BG Has is wrong by 1 digit 913 instead of 813 MY December 2023 reading is 893 verified by octopus BG chat said they will let team further up know my reading 813. this early December 2023 they said wait at least 2 weeks for contact with xmas etc nothing now a  BWLegal letter for £152+ for a period of 2 weeks gas supply i know records will show 2 weeks with BG Before the change as said the gas was on and working for 7 days only before the change to octopus. as it took council 7 days before they could get the gas on  

it never was 913 in  Mar/April 2023 - 815 yes i have that reading 815  FOR April 2023  Dec 2023 reading is 893 
afaik both meters are smart but i dont have smart meters inside they wasnt any when i moved in
ANY ADVICE WELCOME had no issues at old address for yrs and yrs now having to deal with this
who got the reading wrong by 1 press on a keyboard of a wrong key press 9 instead og 8 when a computer form was filled

April 2023 gas reading 815 no where near 901 BG Said it was in Mar 2023. really ill at moment cant be doing with this.. this taken 2 hrs to do ive no problem paying the £146 bill in full the day it came  but i know its wrong BG CHAT Confirm 913 change over reading.  IT WAS 813 my Dec bill reading was 893 / 9 months later still not at 901 the BG Reading said it was in march 2023 is there a BG Rep on here 
Regards Chris 


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    Here is the Dec 2023 gas reading 893 . i had BG for 1 week in march 2023 they say i owe £154 for 1 weeks gas use, using a leaving reading of 913. ITS ONLY 893 In Dec 2023 . in March the reading was 802 opening and 813 leaving reading  NOT 913 leaving - as screenshot dec 2023 reading 893 it never was 913 in march its only 893 nine months later in dec 2023 what do i do ? get some legal people on me . i bet my credit scrapped all because of BG Failure 
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    What does Octopus have as your starting reading? 
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