Car insurance claim management company release car to my insurer isse

Hi there, I was involved in a road collision.  At the scene, I was in shock when I saw the extensive damage to my car.  I typed in my insurer's name and roadside assistance into a Google search, and from the list of results, I thought I'd called my insurance company.  Unfortunately, I'd called a claims management company, but I thought I was talking to my insurer, so I arranged for my car to be recovered by them. 

Two days later, a company called me to say they were acting on behalf of the third-party insurer and asked for some details. They told me they were trying to establish liability and would be in touch and organise he hire car etc.  This company did send a follow-up email address, but I did not read it fully. It does disclose they don't want on behalf of my insurer or the third party, even though I'm sure that wasn't mentioned during the call.

I went to the storage facility to take photos of my vehicle and found out that my car had been moved to another storage facility about 115 minutes away by car.  When I called my insurer to ask why they'd moved my car, I learnt they hadn't and that a claims management company had moved it without my permission.  When I contacted this company, I realised it was the firm who'd contacted me two days after the accident.  I asked them where they got the details from and they advised it had been the company I called on the day of the accident.  

I asked this claims management company to transfer the claim to my insurer, but they refused, saying that I had to pay the recovery and storage costs, which are almost £600.  I paid the funds yesterday as I want my car back, and the claim management company have been rude and unprofessional. And I think I was duped at the scene of the accident by a Google spoof ad.

The claims management company received the funds yesterday morning but still has not sent the form to the storage facility to confirm the transfer to my insurer.  I'm aware of the complaints procedure.

Has anyone had a similar experience or have knowledge regarding consumer rights about how to proceed if the company keeps avoiding emails and tries to delay the transfer despite being in receipt of the payment?  If yes, apart from completing the complaints procedure and reporting them to the insurance ombudsman, is there anything else you'd recommend?  


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    Generally once you start going down the accident management route, intentionally or otherwise, it's easier to just continue. 

    Having decided not to go down that path... accident management companies are never quick at doing anything other than arranging credit hire, its simply not in their interests to be so in normal circumstances as all the delays add to more hire which adds to more money for them (its where they make the most margin). Realistically there is little you can do to force their hand, you just need to be clear that you won't be paying for the additional storage whilst they are delaying the release and have your insurers lined up to collect the vehicle once its confirmed as released. 

    To complain to the Financial Ombudsman you must first have exhausted the companies own internal complaint process and at present its about 3 months for the FOS to even assign a complaint investigator let alone come to an initial decision. 
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    My car is now under the control of my insurer and will be delivered to a garage next week to be repaired. 
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