Will Microsoft really make older pre 8th Gen working laptops obsolete electronic waste in Oct 2025



  • cerebus
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    spud17 said:
    Quote: "Personally I'll keep saving money and am not buying a new computer until I really have to."
    Totally agree, mine runs fine and does everything I need it to do.
    Yep and if a computer can no longer run Windows for whatever reason there's always Linux 
  • spud17
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    Thanks for that, I watched the complete video.
    I checked and the crucial update (KB5031455) had installed back in early November.
    I used the second method and it literally took a couple of minutes, including the reboot. 
    Very pleased!
    Move along, nothing to see.
  • Grey_Critic
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    Newcad said:

    Personally I'll keep saving money and am not buying a new computer until I really have to.

    I agree

    I have a laptop running Windows XP (well it works and is in the loft) I also have a W7 - W 8.1 2 x W10 and a laptop that says it can run W11.

    ALL of the above can do what I want and get paid for so why spend money.- My youngest keeps on at me to buy apple.

  • Newcad
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    edited 11 January at 12:34PM
    You might want to think about updating that XP laptop, although I know there can be reasons for keeping old OS's.
    I have a Win98 desktop, purely to run one very expensive software that you can't buy anymore, only subscribe at an exorbitant fee. (AutoCAD).
    The laptop that I've just put Win11 on was originally XP Pro.
    XP was 32bit, but the laptop CPU was capable of running 64bit, so:
    Firstly I put 32bit Windows 10 on it. It ran but was very, very, slow.
    I then upped the RAM from 1GB to the maximum 4GB that could be fitted (£27 for new RAM)  and put Windows 10 64bit on it. Better and usable, but still sluggish.
    So I swapped out the old 75GB Hard Drive to a 250GB SSD. (another £23 for a cheapish one, you can get cheaper).
    That made a vast difference to the speed and it has been running Win10 for over a year with no problems.
    And now it's running the latest Windows 11 23H2.
    I got that laptop for free (housemate left it behind as junk when moving) so for an outlay of just £50, and some of my time, I have a laptop running the latest Windows 11.
    One thing you may note there is that I didn't buy a Win10 licence for it.
    You can run Windows without Activating a licence key on it, M$ let anyone download, install, and run Windows.
    Not having a licence key simply means that Windows will be unactivated.
    In practice that means you have a watermark in the bottom right of the screen, the personalisation settings won't work - there are other ways to do personalisation though, and some Microsoft apps such as Office may not work properly or work at all, - there are some very good alternatives that work fine, I use Softmaker Free Office I even use it on my machine that does have a licence. (Why pay for M$ Office when a Free one will do exactly the same for what most users want).
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