Can my ISA dividend income be used towards getting a first-time mortgage?

I receive a steady stream of dividends totaling £15,000 per year (and rising). These dividends are from shares held in an ISA. I have a 10+ year record of receiving these dividends, and seeing them rise.

However, when I use these generic online "how much can I borrow" mortgage calculators, it tells me £167,000 would be normal. I find this astonishing as I'm basing it off two full-time incomes of £24k each and these £15k in dividends. There's also about £2k in child benefit. I mean, we're looking at having at least £5,375 per month when making the application. We currently live abroad, so I'm basing this off a conservative estimate of what we could easily expect to earn with full-time jobs. The likelihood is that we'd earn more over time and once settled in. I'm seeking a 25-year mortgage and I'm debt free. And I have a £100k deposit.

So, can my ISA dividend income be used towards getting a first-time mortgage?

Much appreciation in anticipation of a reply.


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    I suspect it depends on the mortgage lender.  Some lenders consider all regular income - including bonuses, commission, overtime.  I expect your dividends would fall in to the same category - Whilst technically not guaranteed, you can demonstrate the 10+ year record
  • I very much doubt it as dividends are never guaranteed and you could sell the underlying investments at any time. 
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    Some lenders will consider some investment income but it is classed as higher risk income.  It could lead to the scenario where it is actually better to sell the investment and not have the mortgage.   That could be the case here as yielding strategy has been out of favour for 15 years.  It has produced lower returns than total return strategies.

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    Will your ISA be used towards the deposit in full or in part? If so, then that knocks it on its head. 
    If not, there are lenders who may use some of it, I dont think it will be possible to use 100% but its not something I have had to research so cant say for sure. 

    Another issue however is the lack of UK address history, that severely limits your lending options so to combine the 2 together is going to be a tough ask. I cant imagine you being with a high street lender personally. 
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