Samsung WF80F5E0W2W washing machine- Display Fix

Hi, I am not sure whether this is the correct place to be asking questions about Samsung Ecobubble washing machines but if it is then my Samsung WF80F5E0W2W model has no display showing on the control panel. The control panel is as blank as black so consequently I cannot get the machine to power up. I've checked the fuse, the wall socket, the trip switch but nothing untowards in wrong so any help would be very much appreciated please


  • Hi,
    sorry can't help with the problem, but found this old thread, which doesn't give much hope.
    Perhaps time for the January sales.
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    Unless you are skilled at electrics and electronic fault finding then you are a bit stuck

    It could be that an internal fuse, pcb, display has gone and its no good firing the parts cannon at it either as that rarely works.

    To fault you need to start looking for power from the plug to each component in turn until you find which component along the chain has no power coming out of it , once found you then need to further fault find that part to find out what has failed and replace 

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    Could go through this list and see if it helps.
    Washing Machine Repair Guides (
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    If the screen is black and nothing happens then there's the possibility that there's a faulty or loose connection or that the door interlock switch has failed. So a careful and gentle wiggle on all the connectors WITH THE MACHINE UNPLUGGED - ELECTRICITY KILLS ESPECIALLY NEAR WATER

    Random prodding with a multimeter if you know what you are doing would establish whether power is getting to the control board. However it becomes significantly more difficult unless you have knowledge on fault finding washing machine microprocesssor control boards, especially if the machine only has a push button to wake up the machine rather than a positive on/off switch.

    I'd guess that even your average repair man would just fault find by substitution nowadays unless he's got the appropriate knowledge and test equipment.

    In the olden days I've taken programmers to bits and repaired them as well as changing components on motor control boards but nowadays apart from wiggling a few wires, checking connections and establishing that power was getting to the control boards I wouldn't have a clue.
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