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Final viewing before exchange? Is this standard practice…



  • Yes, do. Especially considering how stormy it has been over the past few months. We viewed our empty purchase before exchange and the back fence had blown over. We knew we’d be replacing it anyway but it was good to check
  • GDB2222 said:
    After exchange, you are responsible for the insurance. That’s not easy to get for an empty house. Do you have that lined up? 

    You should discuss that with your solicitor as it may be better to alter the contract to make the vendors liable for insurance until completion. Will you be moving straight in? If so, have you seen the boiler working etc? Is the water switched off and drained down?
    I’m sure when I sold my flat I kept it insured until completion but I’m not sure what our sellers are going to do, thanks for the heads up I was planning on insuring it from the date of exchange and didn’t realise it being temporary empty would effect anything. We haven’t seen the boiler working but they have stated it is in good working order on the legal forms, I may request to witness this on the final viewing.
  • Yes, do. Especially considering how stormy it has been over the past few months. We viewed our empty purchase before exchange and the back fence had blown over. We knew we’d be replacing it anyway but it was good to check
    My thoughts exactly it’s been stormy and windy  and there’s a large tree in the back garden I need to make sure it’s still standing 
  • Ksw3 said:
    You usually get an inkling for what crap they are planning to leave behind too.. 
    like the old fridge freezer washing machine, sofa’s, I have an inkling these are going to be left and I really don’t want to be left dealing with the disposal so I was thinking a late viewing would insure they are gone.
  • Grizebeck
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    we did on the place we brought which was a probate sale, empty for a while
    , litterally in house for less then 5 mins checking all ok before we exchanged and completed the next day
    very sensible thing to do
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  • Vannaa
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    I never bothered, one 20 minute viewing before making an offer and the next time I saw it was when I picked the keys up a few days after completion. I had combined buildings and contents insurance in place the day I exchanged.
  • We always do it now as sometimes things like nice nickel sockets are exchanged with cheap plastic sockets.

    Once someone took the carpet.

    Now we ask solicitors to hold back £2000 for things that have changed and don't agree with the fixtures and fittings form. Up to he sellers if they agree to this but the last few have gone very well with this clause in.
  • chanz4
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    I took the kids arounds ours few days before
    Don't put your trust into an Experian score - it is not a number any bank will ever use & it is generally a waste of money to purchase it. They are also selling you insurance you dont need.
  • Absolutely do this. I did after 4 months. The tenant that had moved out had wrecked the place in the intervening period. Let a cat !!!!!! everywhere, it stank! I got £20k off but otherwise would have purchase and had to incur all the costs of fixing it up again and putting it back to the state of which i originally viewed it myself. 
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