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Hi all, I need some advice please ..
National debt line felt my 4 very old debts were statued barred but it turns out 2 must have been short  or what I think Lowell are saying is that the a ccj was applied, which I never knew about. I've never had a ccj showing regarding these 2 accounts or received any court papers etc. I sent Lowell the national debt line statue barred letter template via email as they said email would be fine as well. Lowell came back and said two debts were statued barred and they said I'd not receive any more contact regarding them too anymore. 

But it's the other two that I'm worried about as I'm on universal credit, not in a great place, especially what with Xmas round the corner. I don't know what Lowell emailed me back means they've contacted the county court. I've never made any payment or claimed the debts are mine. I just sent the national debt line statue barred letter via email. 

If the next course of action is to send the prove it letter, could someone post the prove it letter template so I know what to send as I don't want to mess this up. Thank you.

What would my next steps be? This is what Lowell sent me via email?

Your account ******** is closed with a balance of £0.00

Regarding your account, *******; although this debt still exists, the time for recovering it by court proceedings has now expired.

Therefore, we’ve decided to close the account and will not be contacting you again about this matter.

Your accounts ******* and ******** are not statute barred under the Limitation Act 1980.

This is because litigation action has already taken place on the accounts.

A County Court Judgement was applied against the respective accounts under the claim numbers *******. As the Court deemed you legally liable the accounts will never become statute barred.

There are no payment plans in place for your accounts ******* and ******. Please advise on how you wish to proceed.

How do I respond to Lowell and what does litigation action has already taken place? I've never made contact with them. The only thing I did was send the statue barred NDL letter template. 

I just need some help on what my next steps would be as this mentally affecting, especially so close to Xmas, I'm currently on universal credits and I've just found out through the hospital I also have some form of epilepsy, so it's not a good time.  I don't know if it's worth sending a CCA or prove it letter as I've already sent the statue barred letter. These so called ccjs are new to me, I never saw them on my credit file. There was no email, no letters or court papers, so this sounds strange to me. Lowell bought debts from hoist and this is why they've now chasing me. I just need to know how I reply to Lowell to what they mentioned above. 

Can anyone help me on my next steps please.

Thank you everyone in advance for your help.


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    Your post is a little confusing, its hard to decipher which accounts you are referring too, so I will instead just tell you what the law says regarding debts that have had legal action taken against them, and how long creditors have to enforce those judgements, then you can match that to your own situation.

    Legal action does happen, and sometimes you may not be aware of it, as court papers go to an old address on file, or something of that nature.

    Once a CCJ has been granted, the limitation act no longer applies, however creditors have six years to enforce judgements, after that time they themselves become unenforceable.

    So if the judgement is over 6 years old, Lowell can do nothing about it, you say no judgements appear on your file, this may be because they were granted more than 6 years ago, and have automatically dropped off by now.

    The enforcement period can be extended, but only if applied for before the original 6 years expire.

    Safe to say this won`t have happened, does any of this ring any bells?
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