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I am very disappointed that for a new Volvo making a claim (damaged sunroof in recent storms) that esure state that Volvo Dealerships are not approved repairers and I will have to pay an 'additional excess' of £200 if I use them.  The car is still under warranty and Volvo have stated that if not repaired by an approved Volvo Dealership, then the warranty will not extend to the sunroof and may also void the warranty on the entire panoramic roof.

The glass only needs to be replaced, and using esure's approved network voids the warranty, thus if the mechanics of the sunroof fail in the warranty period, or another issue arises in the sunroof/panoramic roof, then this would cease to be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

I do not believe it is reasonable that an insurer requires insured to pay a penalty, the 'additional excess' to ensure their manufacturer warranty remains protected. 

In this situation, I believe the insurer's terms are unreasonable to not allow the manufacturer's approved repairer to undertake the work.  

Surely, an insurer is reasonably expected to ensure that no additional penalty is applied just to maintain a manufacturer's warranty on a vehicle still within th standard manufacturer's warranty period?

This is a kick in the pants, as at renewal this year (May 2023), esure INCREASED the premium by over 200% - I am in my late 40s, not made a claim, nor have any motoring convictions for over 15 years!   The car is the same and we have not moved, with a decrease in thefts in the area.

Further, I was not able to reduce the voluntary excess to £Nil (usually I do) and they increased the mandatory (normal) excess to £450, when previously this was only £200!

I renewed with esure due to their reputation in the event of a claim.... now shattered.

Ripoff esure and very poor practice in my opinion. 

What are your views, as we will now move all home and vehicle insurance away from esure, as I believe their T&Cs are unreasonable.  I will be making a formal complaint and escalate to the Financial Ombudsman if not removed.  


  • This is the reason insurance has a cooling off period, so you can read the terms and decide if you want to go with an insurer which has an additional excess for non-network repairs or choose an insurer that allows you to go to any garage that they can agree prices with. 

    Similarly most insurers cover Glass under a separate section that doesn't count as a full claim on the policy for the purposes of NCD etc but for esure sunroofs are excluded from the glass section and so its a full claim.

    esure as a direct insurer sells on a non-advised basis. If you have key features you need then its up to you to ensure the policy has them and not for esure to recommend a policy etc (they legally cannot as a non-advisory sales process)

    Like most insurers their work is covered by a 5 year warranty, Volvo has a 3 year warranty on parts and workmanship so actually by using the insurers repairer you are getting a longer warranty than using Volvo.
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    Volvo have misinformed you anyway they cannot dictate you use an approved Volvo dealership only that you use genuine Volvo parts. Providing genuine Volvo parts are used there should be no reason to void the warranty 

    EDIT - Many insurers charge an additional excess for using a non approved repairer. 

    EDIT - Volvo warranty T&C states the below, which proves you can use a non authorised volvo retailer providing they service it in accordance with manufacturer recommended servicing and use original parts. 

    5. Retain maintenance service and repair inspection records in the event that a question should arise concerning your vehicle’s history. If a service has been carried out by a non-authorised Volvo retailer we reserve the right to reject any claim where the cause of the defect is due to inadequate servicing or the use of non-original specification parts.
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