octopus bill

hi all, as i'm new with octopus i'm still learning there system
ive done my readings and payment (dd) on the 1st cpl of days later bill issued everything is fine
then a cpl of days ago i noticed my balance had been re updated with a new update from the bill and dd cleared, now another new bill has been issued with a new smart reading for both gas and electric for 10 days (1st to 10th dec) 
i'm not fussed its doing mid month bills i just thought it would do 1 a month on the 1st
also i'm looking at the itemised in the gas section and its way off 
on the 2ne dec i was up from 4am pouring down with snow freezing in the house i had heating on all day untill 11p, and made sure i looked i used 79kw of gas, looking on the bill i used 53kw
also an electric readings its similar i  know on cheap days i done a good few washes buts my usage is way down and on high price days its the same as the rest 
something is not right imo on the reading


  • as i look on bill from the 1st dec, the itemised section on both gas and electric are all itemised with exact price and usage
    but on latest 1 mid month its looks like its avg out but its still a few digits out on each day, no days match on either usage or price as it should be if it was avg througout
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    You're obviously on smart meter so don't get confused, that thing sitting on the worktop isn't the smart meter it's the in home display, which doesn't always give an accurate reading.

    The smart meters could be anywhere, in a cupboard, outside in separate boxes on an external wall, the gas could even be on the ground. 

    Smart meters give readings to Octopus every 30 minutes and just because you think you used x kWH in a day Octopus could read at a different time

    I have been with Octopus since February and keep a check on my own usage and enter the reading on a spreadsheet, I am on dumb meters so I give Octopus a reading ever 1st of the month, the bill is within a couple of pence of my own calculations a few days later 

    You will get more help soon from more knowledgable users than myself 
  • Are you on Tracker?  If any of your half-hourly smart meter data is missing they apply an industry formula to apportion your usage between readings to each day.

    You can check in the app or on your account to see half-hourly data, and see if any slots are missing.
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    Are you on Tracker?  If any of your half-hourly smart meter data is missing they apply an industry formula to apportion your usage between readings to each day.
    This was my thought too. It sounds a lot like the daily profiling that Octopus use for Tracker customers with missing smart meter data.

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