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I'm in my 5th year of an insurance claim, 4th or 5th loss adjuster and we're looking for our 3rd builder.  We're currently living in a static caravan at the back of our garden.  The first 18 months we had an insurance builder, we stupidly thought that they would be good.  It was tough as they cut corners, asked for all communication to be verbal or text message not email so the boss didn't find out what was going on and they finally ended up being kicked off site when they left the extension roof open to the elements in January and building regs said that all their work was sub-standard and needed redoing.  It then took 8 months to get them off site and a 2nd builder on site.  The 2nd builder started well, but we found dodgy foundations on the extension.  The best option was to knock it down and we added a garage extension onto it.  That's where we fell into a dead end.  The 2nd builder could only do insurance work and said the changes were private work so they couldn't prioritise them.  We were advised to not change builder by the loss assessor.  Over two years after they started, about 2 months ago, the 2nd builder got fed up of us asking "when is the roof going to be on" and walked off site.

What I've found through all this is that insurance builders aren't all they're cracked up to be and few have an online presence or reviews, so you have no idea what you're getting.  This is awful and something needs to change on that front.  Then the other thing is that because insurance companies quite rightly won't pay for the betterment of the property, if you're faced with an unknown flaw and have to fix it in order to proceed, the insurance builders should be allowed to remedy the problem - but they're not and that's led to an intolerable situation for me and I can't be the only one.  In my case, the flaw wasn't causing a problem but building regs quite rightly demanded it get fixed, in that scenario, how would the bill get paid if it was someone who couldn't afford it?   

I know there is the ombudsman who apparently sorts out any complaints, but they were shocking too - closing off a complaint by lying to me and saying they needed a form signed in order to tell me how they wanted information given to them. 

Yes, I'm a numpty at times, but when you've lost your house for 5 years and lived in a caravan at the back of the garden, it's hard to stay on top form.  So what I want to know is who else out there has a nightmare story?  Does anyone have ideas how we can hold insurance builders to account for their misbehaviour?


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    If the insurer is appointing them then you hold the insurer responsible... it's their supplier and they have their obligations under both the contract of insurance and the regulations from the FCA. The route for dealing with it is a complaint and escalation to the Ombudsman if the complaint resolutions was unsatisfactory. 

    As to the question of someone who cannot afford to fix non-claim related issue thats preventing the claim repairs progressing then ultimately the claim would be settled on a cash basis and it would be up to the insured if they use that cash to fix the other problem or something else but clearly its not going to both fix the non-insured issue and reinstate the claims damaged issues to the same standard/scope. 
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