British Gas not upholding back billing

We moved into a new build in November 2019 we had a letter and the site staff tell us that there was a delay in British Gas set up but here’s your smart meter etc no need to contact them they’ll contact you. Just save what you would be paying contact them if you need saving advice. I did go online and try make a account at this time but as this was our first home we had no code to put it so it wouldn’t work.

We first heard from British Gas in March 2023 to which I contacted them on the online chat to I had them tell me I was right and they couldn’t back bill us for the 3 years and they would change the bill for us to pay. 

They cleared our gas one completely but hadn’t change the electric as in two different account numbers. They then also said it ignore all letters addressed to occupiers. Also that they had set up a direct debit for us.

to which they hadn’t and it took me a couple more separate attempts to get both just on a direct debit after being told it was done.

My husband then was looking at octopus and it was half our bill so he charged us to them and octopus informed British Gas. 

They then send us emails, texts that they would be taking 3,600 for our final bill in a short time frame around a week. I then contacted them again to this being wrong and they sent it to their team to say no it’s right. 

I’ve now raised it with the energy ombudsman as I don’t see how it’s not back billing as I tried to set it up and couldn’t when we moved in. And we also had a letter which we still have that says not to contact them. 

I’ve screen shoot alot of my chats with them but there’s some I didn't are they liberal to have to share these with me ? 

They also asked me what days of contact I had with them which now I think was them checking if I had some of them. 


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    Of you've referred your complaint to the Ombudsman, you should let them follow their process and see what outcome you get.
    Did you give the Ombudsman all the relevant information they will need to make a decision?
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    I don’t think the billing code will apply here as you haven’t made a reasonable attempt to contact them to set up an account. 
    A letter from the builders telling you no need to contact them is not worth the paper it is written on & one try 4 years ago to set up online is not reasonable attempt. You’ve known for 4 years you haven’t paid any bills. 
    If you’re using the letter as your defence, have you also done as they said & put money away for 4 years as well? 
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