shares missing from confirmation

We have submitted and received confirmation but have since found it is missing one shareholding. How would we amend to ensure the confirmation is correct and obtain the confirmation certificate for this particular shareholding. It is not amount that would change any requirement of inheritance tax etc but do need to make sure the correct value is reported. I've looked to see if any forms for updating but can't find anything - is there any standard way to do this or should I call the Sheriff's Office for advice?


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    Thanks again Buddy9.
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    Hi @Buddy9 A couple of queries about the form C4 (s)

    page1 seems straightforward but
    page 2 - just me or does it need name and address of both executors
    page 3 - declaration just by me (only seems to be room for info of one person) or does the declaration need to by both executors. And
    Section 2 - that the inventory in the estate was recorded in the Court Books of the (do I put in here the Sheriffdom of...)
    Section 4 That the confirmation of the said additional estate in... (what do I put here) is now required in favour of (names and addresses of executors?)  
    Then presumably the box is for the Sheriff Court person?
    page 4 : I only list the additional item (180 shares worth approx £200) under a heading Moveable Estate; Scotland?
    Do I need all the other headings and list as NIL or just the relevant one?
    Presumably I leave rest of page 4 and all  of 5 blank?
    Page 6 and 7 look straightforward I think.

    Many thanks for any advice

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    You might wish to ask what fee the court will charge for this addition so as to determine whether it will be cost effective for you.


    If you go ahead, below is my understanding of the completion of C4(S). This assumes that this is a pure addition to the inventory rather than a correction to an existing entry.

    You can complete the page 3 declaration but all executors should be listed on page 2 and all sign page 6.

    Page 2

    Declaration. Your name and address as on the Confirmation

    Para 1. Detail exactly as on the Confirmation

    Para 2. Detail from the Confirmation……….in the Court Books of the Sheriffdom of…...etc etc

    Para 3.  Delete -and Corrective-

    Para 4. …….the said additional estate in Scotland is now required in favour of me and the said [full name of other executor]

    (shares are situated where the company has its registered office, above assumes in Scotland)

    Page 4 : List the additional item (180 shares and value at date of death) under a heading. Addition: Moveable Estate Scotland. No other headings used.  (assuming of course in Scotland)
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    Thank you again @buddy9
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