Was 2007 fiscal fun or a cash crisis? Poll Discussion

Poll ran between 24-31 Dec 2007:

Do you think 2008 will be a better year for you financially than 2007?

Which of these is closest to your view?

A. Much worse 9% (337 votes)
B. Worse 25% (918 votes)
C. Same 24% (850 votes)
D. Better 31% (1107 votes)
E. Much better 11% (403 votes)

This vote has now ended, but you can still click reply to discuss below :)



  • It's going to be much better for me, as I decided to take the bull by the horns and tackle the debt that I have had for almost two years now. It's amazing how sometimes you just say to yourself 'I earn enough, that if I want to get out of debt, I can' and it's just easy to let everything slide.

    To any of you out there with debts and can do something about it, then do so - don't let the banks take you for a ride if you can help it, the fight on the road to being debt free can not only be fun but enlightening. Follow every tip on here and it'll put you on the road to recovery - and yes, debt can be somewhat of an addiction, the real addiction is spending over your allowable budget, don't let it take control.

    The thing that's helped me the most out of everything is making my own planner for my budget, I created a day by day breakdown of my income and expenditure, so I was aware of every bill, every expense. All of my debts were there in front of me, and I planned all of my variable costs (£25 a week fuel, £15 a week food) and did everything that I could then to beat those targets.

    ... This probably isn't the best place to be talking about this, there's likely to be another section of the forum, but as I've spent the last 4-5 months fighting off my debt, I know that 2008 will be exceptionally good financially, no more debts, finally!

  • I voted much worse, because although I have been transferring debt to LOB card and cut up one credit card, my OH is now out of work. I only get an extra £100 in tax credits now he is out of work but have to pay the mortgage(luckily only £200) all the council tax and the gas. These are the bills he usually pays. I keep working OT every week which will make me worse off next year as well, as I will have earnt more than calculated.
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    I voted better. As we have reduced our mortgage by over 50% (moved house and area) :money: We are reviewing all our outgoings to make sure we are making the most of our money.

    This has resulted in a better quality of life and no financial worries :D
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  • I voted much better, but that's only because I'm finally starting my new full-time job on 3rd January, so will have a regular wage for the first time since may 2006! It's about time - I've known since halloween I've got this job, it's just taken forever to get a start date sorted! Although it did mean I had a lot of time to spend on here getting bargain christmas pressies - thanks everyone!

    2007 hasn't actually been a bad year in comparison though, cos I've done a lot of locum work which, although it's not regular so is unpredictable in terms of money coming in, pays quite well. 2008 might actually turn out to be a not-so-good year in terms of money to spend on whatever I want, as if all goes to plan by this time next year I'll hopefully have a place of my own, (probably rented, can't see me buying yet) instead of being at home with my mam and dad! Don't get me wrong, they've been great, but I can't wait for a place to call my own first home!

    Happy new year to all MSE'ers, heres hoping 2008 is a great year money-wise for us all!
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  • I voted better because thanks to MSE :money: i'm more money savvy now,& have really started to get my debt sorted!:j Thanks to everyone!:T
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