Opting out of FIT exports to get Octopus Outgoing

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I was going to ask for advice on here but I've bitten the bullet and gone for it. Today I requested to opt out of the FIT export payments with Ecotricity and signed up for Outgoing Octopus. I'll post back here with any developments and how things unfold.

My 3.42kWp array was installed in 2017 and I've been receiving deemed export payments along side the generation payments under the Feed In Tariff since then. I had a smart meter installed in December 2021 and it appears I've exported around 60% of my generation since then; understandably so as I was fixed on Octopus Go Faster for a year at 5p per kWh from 9:30pm making it easier to use off-peak imports.

As of this week my Zappi EVSE became eligible for Octopus Intelligent Go (as it's now called) which itself has recently become compatible with Outgoing Octopus. This gives me access to 6 hours per night at 7.5p per kWh as well as a fixed 15p per kWh I export; a fair increase on the 6.79p paid for exports under the FIT.

My plan is to load-shift as much as possible into the off-peak period and simply export the solar power (apart from that which genuinely replaces unavoidable peak imports). No more solar charging from the Zappi or running the washing machine or dryer during the day, unless we get bonus cheap slots on Intelligent. I estimate this will make me around £250-300 better off each year at current prices. 

I initially emailed the Microtricty team at Ecotricity to ask what the process would be for opting out of my 'deemed' export payments. Where I was expecting more of a general response, they rather proactively checked the register, found I had a smart meter and told me I would now be paid on metered exports. So a slight word of warning for anyone in a similar position who wants to keep the deemed payments.

Ecotricity also kindly informed me that they can update the FIT register, changing my export status from 'deemed' to 'negotiated'. This will make me eligible for SEG (or equivalent) payments. Hopefully they will action this quickly enough to avoid delaying my application for Outgoing Octopus.

As it's now the darkest part of the year, it's a reasonable time to risk missing out on a few weeks worth of export payments. As long as nothing delays things beyond the winter months.

My solar installer had helpfully left me a folder of documentation which included both an MCS certificate and a G83 DNO notification, which seems to be how they did things back in 2017.


  • I did this without any real issues took Eon / Octopus about 6 weeks to sort it all
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    20 January 2024 Daikin ASHP installed
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    So, I got impatient waiting for Octopus to get back to me after hassling them on Twitter a couple of times so I contacted my DNO directly. UK Power Networks were brilliant: the guy I spoke to on the phone confirmed that they had issued my export MPAN on 27 November and emailed me the number.

    I guess Octopus don't have a very robust system for checking when the MPAN is set up so might have waited indefinitely without my intervention. So I would advise people to chase the DNO themselves rather than trusting Octopus to do it in a timely fashion. 

    Anyway, today I got confirmation that the export tariff is live, though nothing is showing in the app. My online Octopus account is a bit jumbled showing something about a cooling off period for my export MPAN but then showing "Export MPAN Requested" under my import MPAN. Hopefully it will straighten itself out in due course.

    I have been credited with about £5 to my account, which is roughly equivalent to 33kWh of export at 15p so they might have paid for some of the interim period, though nothing I can find in my account relates to this.

    Their on-boarding email mentioned sending an export reading so I delved through the menus on my smart meter to find it. I hope they don't actually require me to send them regular export readings and can use the smart meter data. 
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