Two Parking CCJs - 5 years old - Set Aside - Help needed

Hi MSE Forum experts 
I have been reading newbie forums and getting familiar with CCJ set aside process. Before i submit my application (n244 and witness statement) - i have few questions regarding chances of success. 

Back in 2017/18 I was going through financial crisis and did not had enough money to pay these parking tickets and ignored the penalty notices. Ultimately these unpaid parking tickets registered as CCJ on my name but I did not receive court notices best of knowledge. I was aware of these CCJs later on but did not had money to pay.

Now I can afford to pay and looking if I can pay and request to set CCJ aside. I am aware if I wait for another 8 months then these CCJs will be older then 6 years and will disappear from my credit file but I would rather pay and clear my name. 

CCJ details: 
1) £197 from Parking Eye - July-2018
2) £261.90 from BW Legal / Permier parking solutions - July-2018

1) Is there a consent format which I can send to Parking Eye and BW Legal and get them agree that I will pay the full amount if they agree to CCJ Aside? 
2) Do I have a chance with court that to put CCJ aside on the grounds on following basis: 

A) I did not receive court orders
B) I did not had money to pay parking tickets at the time and now I can pay them full. 
C) With or without consent given by the claimant (PE or BW Legal)? 

Please share your expert advise and chances of getting success for my scenario


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    To have any chance of success, a set aside application must be made within a reasonable time frame, the court does not specify how long a "reasonable time frame" is, but its definitely measured in weeks and months, rather than years.

    By the time you get around to sending your applications, and the time a court will take to process them, they will most likely have fallen off your file naturally anyway, and you will have wasted 2 x £275 on set aside fees, as well as paying what you owe on the CCJ`s.

    Set aside by consent will also be unlikely now, due to the passage of time here.

    CCJ`s granted for parking infringements are almost never enforced, the judgements just sit on your file for 6 years and then vanish, the debt is then unenforceable.
    The companies concerned play a numbers game, they know a certain number of debtors will pay a judgement, but the majority don`t bother.

    After more than 5 years your plan makes no sense whatsoever, your "scenario" really has little chance of success now to be honest, I really don`t see any reason to line the pockets of these less than reputable parking companies, or pay to have something removed which will naturally remove itself in 8 months anyway.
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    You're just creating a lot of admin for yourself, the courts and the parking company or whoever owns the debt now.

    What you are suggesting may have made sense 5 years ago but if these are not being pursued you are using the 'dig them up in order to bury them' strategy. I'm sure you can find a better use for your money.
  • Thx members - it is appreciated. So judge wont have any compassion for the will to pay once there is money for such an old matter which is near to clear by itself. 
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