Funeral plans advice

My mum is in her 70’s and has mentioned a couple of times about wanting to get a funeral plan. 

I’ll need to help her manage the interaction as she gets really easily led by salespeople so needs a bit of management for anything financial. 

I’ve had a look at a couple of sample plans at the Coop just to get a benchmark of what is involved. I assume she may want some level of customisation over things like the coffin type, flowers, etc. 
Is there a degree of flexibility over upgrading/changing things like that on the pre-packaged plans, or do I basically need to start a discussion from scratch to get a complete custom plan? 

Anything else to consider? 

Intention would be to pay it all up front, as she has savings. 


  • badmemory
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    I have bought & paid for my co-op funeral & all it doesn't include is flowers to go on the coffin.  It even includes a message to be given to my son before the actual funeral.
  • MikeJXE
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    I have a Co-op plan, I'm 83 and bought one 20 years ago with my wife who has since passed away 11 years ago

    The funeral was exactly what we ordered and didn't cost a penny more

    We chose everything at the interview, nothing was left to chance, the only thing we didn't include was the flowers (not sure if we could have done)

    Actually it's a BOND 
  • sheramber
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    It might it might be worth while visiting a local funeral home and ask about plans they have. Many years ago I bought a Golden Charter plan which was used for my husband. The type of coffin  depended on the  plan you bought. What else was covered was also  based on which plan you chose. 
  • MikeJXE
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    Be sure to get a reputable company it's not unknown for funeral plans to go bust. Thats why I went with the Co-op 
  • tooldle
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    My folks had Coop Funeral Bonds. In a nutshell, the purchaser specifies the exact details of their funeral and pays for it at today’s cost. The bond is then redeemed when needed, without additional cost, unless the redeemer adds to the original arrangement, I recently redeemed my mum’s bond, originally purchased back in 1994.
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