Boredome at work

How do you guys deal with boredome at work? I was fairly busy until a month ago or so. Then workwise things calmed down and it's like I have maybe 1-2 left without many things to do before I leave. 

I feel like my brain is going dead and then I start feeling sleepy lol. It's better than being overly stressed, but I'm lacking excitement now.

It's the same across most teams. I see them that they don't do much. I've other colleagues that maybe they work 1 hour per day and then there is nothing else to do unless an e-mail comes in.


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    Pencil Football tournament?  Aim and throw paper balls into the bin.? 
  • Come work in a patient facing role in the NHS.

    I guarantee you won’t have chance to be bored
  • Cant you ask your boss for more work or think off it this way your getting paid!
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    Move jobs you need to be happy at work or you wont be happy at all
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    Learn a new skill, or a language?

    Or start a new tournament in your workplace: The Thunderboredome. Two E's enter,one E leaves. And boredom will have disappeared!
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    Definitely use the time to gain new skills or improve old ones. Your spelling (boredom) and way of phrasing things may be just because you're writing informally, and I don't usually comment on such things, but if you find writing formally doesn't come naturally then practising may be worthwhile.

    Have you checked whether there's any training your employer could offer.
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    Wish I had time to be bored at work! 
    Striving to clear the mortgage before it finishes in Dec 2028 - amount currently owed - £45,189.63/b]
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    Jobhunting, as it sounds like this might be a problem across the business and might not be sustainable?
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    I take my own admin to do 🤣 I'm also doing a course in my free time so do some revision. I'm computer based so it's easier if you are. Also learn to work slower. 
    If you have asked for more work and they don't have anything then I see no issue with this because no one should expect you to look at a blank wall. If they find out and have a problem I would be looking for another job because having nothing to do for hours is soul destroying. 
  • Or you could listen in on the background chatter and play "Buzzword Bingo" -- would kill two birds with one stone
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