Interpreting Tesco substitution emails

Can anyone please help make sense of what Tesco are charging me for here?  I swear they try to confuse us so we don't question it!

Amongst other stuff, I ordered:
2* Andrex 12x mega rolls - £11.75 ea = £23.50
4x Pampers baby wipes  £1.25 ea (2 for £2) = £4

Which equals £27.50 for those items.

Working with the information on the screenshots below - when I add the substitution costs to the shopping list costs (as they do to get their total), these items come out at £34.15.

of the 4 packs of wipes I ordered for £4, it looks like I am getting two substituted with Harmonie wipes, at a cost £4, as well as two of what I ordered at a cost of £2 - i.e. £6 in total

And of the two packs of toilet rolls I ordered for £23.50, it appears as though I am getting 1 pack of standard rolls  sized, priced at £16.40 and one mega roll at £11.75.  i.e. £28.15
It just doesn't make sense, so I must be reading it wrong somewhere.  I'll quiz the driver, but I fully expect to be out of pocket or out of Bog Roll here!!

On my receipt email, I have the following lines in substitutions:

And then these items in the 'rest of my items' list:

With the following discounts shown in the subtotals:


  • To answer my own question, neither the delivery driver nor their Helpdesk seem to have the faintest idea of what’s happened!  

    I returned all the items in question and then they only refunded me for some of them!  So I’m now £25 out of pocket!

    When it works well, it works very well…….!
  • I normally tick no subs unless it's something I desperately need to have because more often than not the way I've seen they get around it is to substitute a much smaller and more expensive packet. 

    The kind of thing I've seen is a 6 pack being sent to replace a 12 pack or a half kilo in replace of a kg and being told it's 'not more expensive' - and sometimes when I then go into the store that's used to pick the goods (you can see them going around doing it) then what I ordered is right there on the shelf. 

    Still, better than when I did a quick iceland shop recently and they substituted a couple of items without even noting the changes it on the receipt - I guess whoever did the picking thought they were 'close enough' (a 150g bag of popcorn replacing a 300g tub that I was going to decorate for trick or treaters). 
    I'm not an early bird or a night owl; I’m some form of permanently exhausted pigeon.
  • I’m thinking of dropping Tesco tbh, I stuck with them because their substitution policy used to be great, but like you say now they take the p1$$.

    I often choose things like toilet roll, that won’t go out of date, on the unit cost rather than total cost.  So when a 4 pack turns up that’s cheaper, it actually costs more per ‘delivery’ than the bigger pack!! 

    And all my other local delivery supermarkets have much better international and vegetarian options to boot!
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