I can’t afford to get to work

I don’t know what to do - I am £20K in debt after leaving an abusive relationship and putting everything in credit cards to get out but that was 6 years ago and it’s all caught up with me.
I had always managed to get 0% interest credit cards and shift my debt from one card to the other but since covid there doesn’t seem to be any of those available so I’m not paying interest in 2 credit cards, my rent has increased, bills gone up and I have no savings.
Im in a situation now where I’ve faked illness so I can WFH and not have to travel as I can’t afford the train ticket.
I have no family and no one to lean on and I genuinely don’t know what to do.

Should I speak to a debt help agency? But I’ve heard they’re a bit like loan sharks so I’m stuck beyond belief.

Begging (excuse the pun) for any help! 🙏


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    It’s only the paid debt agency as you need to be wary of. A charity such stepchange (there are others) are fine to use.
    But as a starting point, you could put your statement of affairs up on here for people to look at and make suggestions?
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    Stepchange, Payplan and National debtline are all ok. Stepchange's DMP approach means you can spend a lot more on your debts and have a credit report that is harmed for a lot longer than it needs to be, but they aren't like loan sharks. What you need to avoid is places like moneyplusadvice who charge enormous fees for things that can be done free elswhere or on your own (they present themselves as a debt advice service but hidden away on their website they list a load of fees).

    As elsien says if you post a statement of affairs then people can make suggestions. If it wasn't for the debt would you have enough to live on?
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    Your costs for travel to work are a priority payment - they need to be prioritised along with your mortgage or rent, council tax, utility bills (heat, light, water, ability to cook), anything payable to HMRC and food. You need to travel to work to get paid, you need to get paid to pay everything else, therefore = priority - does that make sense?   Right now, this means that if you need to stop paying unsecured debt in order to cover those priority bills, then that is what you do. 

    I'd "third" the suggestion for you to prepare and post a statement of affairs here - there is a link in my signature below to one of the calculators we recommend for this. We can then take a look at this and see if there are any areas where savings can be made that you might not have spotted - when you're already in a bit of a panic it's easy to miss things sometimes! We also might be able to make suggestions as to how best to tackle the debt.

    Above all though, well done for having  the bravery and strength to leave the abusive relationship. That is a huge thing, and regardless of how stressful things are financially now as a result, was still the right thing too. Remind yourself how strong you are for doing that.
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    Don`t prioritise paying silly credit cards etc over your essential debts, all unsecured borrowing is non priority and the last to be paid when things are tight, if the money isn`t there, it doesn't get paid, its that simple.

    You need to look after number one now, never mind the debts, they can wait.
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    I'll add another couple of names (3?) to that list.

    Citizens advice have no product to sell so will be impartial and free. Usefulness of advice will vary depending on who you get but there's no downside and they remain the largest provider of DROs in the country

    Christians Against Poverty take quite a hands- on approach which suits many people. They are church based, the local reps are not highly trained because the expertise is at Head Office, nevertheless they help a lot of people.

    Community Money Advice are similarly usually church based but the person you contact will generally be a debt adviser. You can check if they have a branch near you.
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