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I got home from work yesterday to be greeted by an email from Octopus which started "We’re super excited to invite you to the early access for Intelligent Octopus Go with myenergi zappi so you can enjoy cheaper, smarter charging!".  Now may be this isn't as exciting as I think it is or maybe all you RE experts have already been there before me, but I thought I'd share my experience with you. 

1. Sure enough when I went on to the Octopus app, Zappi had appeared as a new EV charger option. 
2. It took less than ten minutes to set up. I had to give the app the login details for my Zappi (myenergi) account.  Then I had to remove the charging schedules from Zappi and leave it set to Eco+. Apparently that means that it will still charge from solar when there is adequate sun but I don't expect to be able to test this until the Spring. 
3. There was no 'test charge' made on plug-in as suggested by my instructions but within seconds of sign-up the Octopus app set up a charging schedule. Interestingly (for me anyway) the schedule was split over three separate slots which I expected to correlate to the cheaper agile slots but this doesn't seem to be the case.  
4. I think my main house fuse is only about 60amps as the house is quite old and I can't see why it would ever have been upgraded. So I've set Zappi to limit output just in case I have too many appliances on over night (e.g. house battery, washing machine, dishwasher).  This doesn't seem to have upset Octopus although I expect to have to tell it that I want higher percentage battery charges than I need to ensure that the charging slots are long enough.  
5. I'm really grateful for the longer night time cheap rates as the house battery fully drains at this time year before it gets the chance to charge up on the cheap rate. 
6. The first charge last night/this morning went smoothly so hoping all will be good moving forward. 
Install 28th Nov 15, 3.3kW, (11x300LG), SolarEdge, SW. W Yorks.
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    Thanks for posting @Exiled_Tyke I've duly signed up too as wasn't previously aware of being eligible but diacover that I now am so the additional two hours at an even cheaper rate than Go is a great offer. Too good for me not to take a punt at. :)
    East coast, lat 51.97. 8.26kw SSE, 23° pitch + 0.59kw WSW vertical. Nissan Leaf plus Zappi charger and 2 x ASHP's. Givenergy 8.2 & 9.5 kWh batts, 2 x 3 kW ac inverters. Indra V2H . CoCharger Host, Interest in Ripple Energy & Abundance.
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