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I am planning at extension downstairs in my home to build a bedroom and shower room for my elderly father, who is increasingly finding it difficult to go upstairs to his bedroom.

It is very possible that a tree (which is in the neighbour’s garden) with a TPO may be getting in the way.  The tree is quite large and overhangs in our garden.   Our neighbour also wants to get rid of the tree and did apply to do so, but his application was rejected by the local council because the tree has a TPO on it.

Do you think it is worth my while also applying to the council to get rid of the tree to build my extension, or do you think it may not be worth it because my neighbour’s application was rejected. 

Thanks in advance for your responses.



  • Andy_L
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    How long ago did he apply? Since then the tree may, eg, have started to rot inside which may change the Council's view.

    Do you actually need it removed or would just pruning it allow the build?

  • silvercar
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    With the approval of the council you or your neighbour should be able to prune it.
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  • FreeBear
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    How far away from the foundations of the proposed extension is this tree ?
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  • TELLIT01
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    If the tree is large and close to the existing properties it may be possible to argue for its removal to avoid damage to the existing houses.
  • Chickereeeee
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    Depending on your layout, you may need a soakaway for gutter drainage. If digging for this would affect the tree's roots, it will not be allowed. 
  • 35har1old
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    TELLIT01 said:
    If the tree is large and close to the existing properties it may be possible to argue for its removal to avoid damage to the existing houses.
     When you take out house insurance one of the questions asked is about trees  height  10M and distance from house will the extension possibly cause a issue.

  • GrubbyGirl_2
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    Is it worth getting some advice as to whether you can use the equality act to help as your father is disabled and needs this extension to continue living in his home (also article 8 of the human rights act).  Also would it be possible to agree to plant another tree in a different location to replace the one that needs to be removed?
  • littleboo
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    Removing a large, mature tree is not without risk to nearby properties, ground heave needs to be considered.
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