Struggling with Feed in Tarrif Supplier - HELP ME PLEASE

I moved into my house around a year ago which came with solar panels.  We were with eon and changed to Octopus as we were getting no where with getting refunded for exported electricity.

Today I received an email from Octopus:-

Unfortunately when we checked the FiT register we found that there is an existing FiT registered but in a different name.

For privacy reasons I can't share who it is registered with but if it is a previous owner or a company that runs a roof rental scheme, the best thing to do would be to contact the current FiT provider for your address. They can update the name on the FiT register which will mean you can take advantage of payments for FiT as well as selling your exported energy through Outgoing.

Updating the register should only take a few days.

Can anyone tell me where to go from here.

Thank you


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    Do what Octopus advise. However, the owner of the FIT will probably want a payment to cover their loss of income.

    You may be able to sue your conveyancer for missing this detail, as there would be a legal charge over the title.
  • Yes, basically whoever did your conveyancing messed-up and did not ensure that the ownership of the FIT was transferred to you (if that is possible). 

    Either the FIT is in the name of the previous owner who needs to complete their part of the transfer paperwork (and should have done so when you bought the house) or some previous owner entered into a "rent-a-roof" scheme where a third party company installed their own solar panels on your roof, you get all the electricity they generate that you can use but they get the FIT.  In this case whatever contract a previous owner entered into is still binding on you.  
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    I'm a third vote for getting back to your solicitor/ conveyancer and asking them to sort this out.
    If it's a rent-a-roof scheme, there should be a charge recorded against the property at the Land Registry and your legal professional should have picked this up.
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    Another vote for the legal route.

    England ( and Wales? ) did you get a Survey before you bought. If so what did it say and further what did the searches reveal?
    Scotland did you read the Home Report legally required to be done on behalf of the seller ...and the searches.
    NI......I have no idea!

    In all cases contact your legal representative for the conveyance!
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