A return to comping after 5 years

Hi everyone I took an unintentional break from comping for years. I think I became disheartened by the increase in people taking up the hobby ruining the odds when I was painstakingly entered 2000+ a month. Also I got fed up of it taking up so much of my time.

But when I look back I had some really good wins. My best one being a £2500 which more than makes up for all the effort I put in. It makes me feel like I was crazy to have ever stopped! 

I've started it up as an experiment to see how well I do. If I haven't won a thing in 6-8 months then may not bother again.

What I'm wondering is what is the return going to be if I get back into comping again? It would be nice to have some feedback from those who have been doing it a long time. How has it affected your win streaks? Have you noticed it is a lot harder to win? Please motivate me. 


  • JamboDP
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    I would say that a very large amount of comps are on social media sites, most on Instagram and then F/Book and what was twitter. where I used to get 50 - 60 wins a year I am now lucky to get 3 or 4.

    And Welcome back and good luck.
    I do it just for fun and whatever I win is a bonus
  • serena9
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    I'm a returner too, used to be glowgirl, most of my recent wins have been from insta but I don't always have the time to do them if I can get into a routine with the social media ones it's much better, my wins previously were similar to yours at one point I was winning a prize a day around 2012 I think, now I win virtually nothing if I don't do social media ones but I quite like the routine of working through the comps pages, I do it in the morning before I start my day and it kind of wakes me up, also I believe others use various sites to enter I just use MSE as I always have done, although you obviously need luck I do believe entering the most you can in volume is the way forward, good luck!
  • mrssjs
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    I’m a returner too on and off for last year not as committed as back in 2010, but I’ve had a £500 Bauer win, £100 Best, £100 Quidco and a couple of lower value mag prizes so still seems worth it :)
  • 1trainer1
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    I'm a returner too, think it was about 8 year's of not comping and then started again middle of last year, I have done okay as a few decent wins but don't do social media so I am probably missing out on a lot of comps
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  • cagsd
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    I have been comping (without a break) for 11 years now, and can definitely say that the wins are decreasing year on year. When  started out, I'd usually win 6-8 prizes a month, with normally at least one highish value prize per month.

    I won £200 about 2 months ago which was nice but, other than that, I don't think I've won anything else this year. And that's my best win for a couple of years now too. 

    Part of the problem is that a large number of comps are on social media, which I just won't do. Those that aren't, a sizeable number of them are for things like a bar of chocolate or an app download, and I just don't have time to enter for stuff like that. 

    I think if you have the time to just enter every single competition, you'll probably get a few wins. If you're more discerning though, it becomes harder to win.
  • I've just come back too. I have no interest in Instgram or Twitter so that does limit wins as almost all are INSTA these days. Still, hoping for a bit of luck too! Good luck :)
    I just enter and forget...hoping to win something! :)
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