5 week months

Hi was hoping someone could help please.

Three times a year,including December pay for Christmas,I have to wait for 5 weeks between paydays.I heard on the grapevine that you can claim £1000 each time this happens and is put into your bank account automatically.

Does anyone get this or know how to apply for it please.
thanks to all posters for comps and answers!!! :beer: good luck to all


  • Brie
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    claim from whom?  I've never heard of this in too many decades of working, including time in HR sitting beside the payroll department. 

    What large companies tend to do is pay December a week early which makes January a bit of a pig but at least you have the cash to get your sprouts in.
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    don't think any employer is going to give you £1000 because of what you call a five week month, that would be 35 days, do you mean 5 weekends before next pay.
    Perhaps the grapevine means you can ask for an advance of pay up to £1000, and pay back over a few months.
  • Do ask your grapevine contact who they think is going to pay all employees an extra £3000 a year and let us know!
    Your salary is paid to you in12 instalments and it’s entirely up to the employer to decide when in the month payments are processed.

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    Are you paid the same date each month? my payday is the 28th each month although if that is a weekend it may be paid on the Friday my salary is divided by 12 so some months the period between is longer than others this is how it has always worked for me.  I believe some companies which are not UK based do 13 pay days a year ie once every 4 weeks but in the end it is the same annual salary
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  • Have you tried shaking your grapevine to see if any money falls off? I suspect that’ll be a more fruitful endeavour than pursuing a 5 week month bonus payout 
  • JCS1
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    When I did payroll, we paid early December and January.

    But back to the OP, never heard of this unless treated as an advance?
  • Grumpy_chap
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    Who can we claim the £1k from please?
  • ReadingTim
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    Who can we claim the £1k from please?
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