Budget and IPA questions.

As I mentioned before I am a bit late finding this forum but any help is very much appreciated. I suspect I will have an ipa :neutral: I am still waiting for my interview and want to make sure I get my figures right so I'm looking for advice.

 I am a single parent of a 17 year old and my income is £3496 including work,uc and pip.

 My expenses are as follows.
Rent £ 620.00 per month
Building and content insurance £ 5.44 per month
TV licence £ 13.25 per month
Council tax £ 128.44 per month
Gas £ 40.00 per month
Electricity £ 70.00 per month
Water £ 19.71 per monthLife insurance £ 55.00 per month
Prescriptions and medicines £ 10.81 per month
Dentistry £ 300.00 per year
Opticians £ 300.00 per year
Groceries £ 400.00 per month
Toiletries £ 30.00 per month
Alcohol £ 50.00 per month
Meals at work £ 50.00 per month
Vehicle finance £ 398.00 per month
Vehicle insurance £ 52.70 per month
Breakdown cover £ 18.20 per month
Vehicle tax £ 15.75 per month
MOT and ongoing maintenance £ 500.00 per year
Fuel, parking and toll road charges £ 400.00 per month
Prescriptions and medicines for your
£ 10.00 per month
Dentistry and optician costs for your
£ 100.00 per year
School meals £ 20.00 per week
Public transport to and from school £ 55.00 per month
Pocket money £ 25.00 per month
Personal and leisure £413.00 per month
Clothing and footwear £ 75.00 per month
Hairdressing £ 30.00 per month
Home phone, internet, TV packages £ 75.00 per month
Mobile phone £ 93.00 per month both our mobiles
Laundry and dry cleaning £ 20.00 per month
Hobbies, leisure or sport £ 100.00 per month
Gifts £ 20.00 per month
Savings, fines and other costs £50.00 per month

Currently my budget says I have about £300 surplus

I am in my probationary period with my job and my three month review did not go well so I am expecting to be let go potentially.  Will they consider this in relation to setting up an ipa?

I want to buy a mobility scooter can this be factored in anywhere?
I'm Ever hopeful!


  • So today I got notification that I do not need to be interviewed  and have been sent some forms to sign for taxes and gdpr. 

    I take it that no interview is a good sign?

    Does an IPA have to be discussed with me?
    I'm Ever hopeful!
  • More questions  sorry

    Can I take it that my HP car is safe from the OR? I know I may have problems with the finance company.

    Also I listed £400 for fuel and parking pm. Does the 'No interview' mean that my budget has been accepted?

    Sorry I'm just stressing
    I'm Ever hopeful!
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    Is there any equity on your car?
  • No. finance is 19k and currently worth 15k
    I'm Ever hopeful!
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