Coming to an end of bankruptcy 12 months period

Hello everyone, 
First of all big thank You to people sharing experiences and advice here was very helpful over time.

Currently I'm approaching end of 12 months of bankruptcy process. I shall be discharged just after new year. 
I know is still few months to go however I would like to be ready for whatever comes on discharge.

Perhaps someone can describe me  discharge process, will I be questioned again will may current situation will be taken in consideration etc ?? 

Over period of bankruptcy I managed to be more strict with my finances and by making sacrifices here and there I managed to save around 1k just for unexpected. My overall situation hasn't changed my income and expenses are more less same. 
Bit concerned now if I be asked about money I managed to save at the moment.
To make it clear as allowed expenses I included  xmas, birthday, clothes, barbers well normal spending however I managed to sacrifice on those to save bit here and there now I'm bit worried of this will be an issue.

Thank You for any feedback.


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    you can save money during the 12 months as your budget has been agreed, and if say some months you dont have big car expenses ( that's if you still have a car) or gas elec bills or food costs, you can save the difference, what you cant do is keep any inheritance, gambling winnings etc, as these are windfalls.
     and you must keep to your agreed income payment agreement during the 12 months.
    pay your debt at your rate.not what the creditor demands.cos they have no power.they aren't the police.
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    There is no further interrogation by anyone, no fanfare or public announcement, discharge happens automatically, you are released from your debts, and bankruptcy restrictions, if you have an IPA, you keep paying that for another 2 years, otherwise that is, as they say, it.

    The exact process is covered in more detail here, it depends on your individual circumstances, but essentially you just get on with your new debt free life -

    Discharge from bankruptcy - Citizens Advice
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    Just to remind you if you go on the Insolvency service site and search your name you will status changes to discharged exactly I year after BR 

    This stays on there for 3 you don't get any notification I suggest you print a copy for your records 😉 
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    Thank You everyone for all information and clarification of discharge process.

    I'm really grateful for taking time to answer my concerns.

    Thank You 
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