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  • I batch cook from scratch and that is expensive tbh.  If I bought all processed I would be quids in, but maybe my weight would change.  I am a single and I freeze in single size portions.  Yes, if you have an allotment or grow veg in your garden you can supplement.  

    I am not willing to compromise on 'cheap' food.  I buy higher welfare or organic/ free range meat and this is more expensive.  I do buy alcohol, I enjoy it.   But even if I was a couple £900/month is a bit excessive?

  • We do drink.....that's just done separately from the joint account.... :)

    And yes, I think the cost of buying fresh ingredients is a lot more than some people think....but absolutely doesn't explain or justify the current outgoings.  On top of that I eat fish only not meat (and not much of it at all).....
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    £900 is excessive as others have pointed out so I think your only option is to work out over a month "on what is it on". If you shop in lidl with the lidl plus card it emails you receipts. I think maybe your only option is to pretend to start "again" from October 1st and have a pot in the car and house for ALL receipts to go in. Then at the end of the month pick out the food ones and analyse.

    Also, use a food waste bag and weekly ascertain how much of what you are buying are you chucking into the bin. 
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    Sainsburys is very expensive compared to other supermarkets in my opinion. We spend about £500 a month for 2 of us. 

    We shop at Asda and my husband works for a butchers that supply pubs & restaurants so we get meat discounted. 
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    £900 ouch.
    3 here, Daughter does a week shop @ M&S budget £200 a month. I shop @ Sainsburys, local butchers & odd other supermarket £150 a month.
    That also includes other household requirements.

    Coffee been to cup machine. Works out a lot cheaper than capsule machines.
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    There's certainly room for improvement on the food budget. I can understand a large family perhaps needing to do top up shops for storage reasons but it shouldn't be necessary for two people.

    I'd check to see what you're buying (or rather your DH is buying) in these top up shops. Usually they mount up because they're in expensive local Co-op or similar and lack of discipline where you go in hungry after work for a loaf of bread and come out with loads more.

    Personally, I'd suggest meal planning it saves time and money. It doesn't have to be restrictive. It just means you buy enough ingredients in for the week and don't need to do any top ups.

    I do most of my shopping at Aldi but do use Sainsburys especially for loose veg like carrots and onions and other things which are price matched. 

    I probably spend about £60 a week on food although it's hard to be precise as I batch cook HM ready meals and can afford to bulk buy non perishable offers when I see them so I have a decent store cupboard. 
  • I agree with the others - £900 is a lot. We're a 2 person household and eat well, but I spend more like £50/60 ish a week on groceries. That does include a few branded bits, but not majoritively. 

    Weekly meal planning would make a big difference to your budget, and just buying what you need to buy. Going through receipts will show you where the money is going and highlight what could be left on the shelf. Go through your bank statements and look at your subscriptions. You could probably keep the lifestyle you have but just do it cheaper (I'm thinking of the coffee machine there).

    A lot of it depends on time too. If you're forever throwing biscuits/cakes/ready meals in your basket when you've only popped in for a bread loaf, could you try making your own? There are a lot of good recipe websites and apps out there now, I use the BBC one quite a bit (others are available). Make a good whack of something and freeze it in portions - be that biscuits or stew or roasted veg ot whatever. Getting into the habit of that will save you a bunch of money :) 
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    We have started going through our freezer and cupboards to make meals, mainly because we are running out of space!  Waitrose had pizza express pizzas for £3 one will feed the both of us, we also found some forgotten batch cooked meatballs and lasagnes.  Our biggest problem was ordering takeaways, if one of us mentions takeaways the other person takes one of the pizzas out the freezer and throws it straight in the oven!
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  • We've started collecting receipts - as of Sunday just gone.  Our shopping at Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury's came to maybe £150....but of course, let's see how long that lasts...
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    Obviously, if the £150 lasts for the week then you'll have made a drastic improvement but I'm amazed how you manage to spend that much on food for 2 people. 

    Would you give us an indication of what sort of typical meals you're having? 🤔
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