Would I get any benefits while working part time?

16-20 hours a week @ £10.35 hour. 

Would I be eligible for any benefits?


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    What is the reason you would only be working part time? The benefits system isn’t intended to prop up people who could work full time but don’t want to. (Caring responsibilities etc aside.)

    Aside from that there are multiple other factors, partner and their income, savings, children, health,  home owner or tenant, all of which would affect the answer given.
    You would need to put your individual circumstances through a benefits calculator. 
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    Have you tried an online benefits calculator?

    This question might be better moved to the "Benefits and Tax Credits" board.
  • marcia_
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    theDon876 said:
    16-20 hours a week @ £10.35 hour. 

    Would I be eligible for any benefits?
    Possibly yes but you will have job search requirements and will be harassed to find more work and be given possible sanction if you refuse. 
  • 74jax
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    I work part time and my benefits are huge.
    I did initially stop working, but decided I wanted to work part time just to keep my foot in the 'work' life.
    Benefits to me are a WFH contract,
    I work 3 days with a 'little' flexibility on days,
    I'm able to volunteer for 2 organisations on other days, 
    My friends are part time so we have ample opportunity to meet up, 
    My work/life balance is great,

    Financially wise, I get a small WFH amount added to each month's salary, and some of my tax allowance can be passed to my husband. I'm not using my car much, so petrol is a huge saving - could even get rid of it. 
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    I assume you're under 23 years of age?
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    theDon876 said:
    16-20 hours a week @ £10.35 hour. 

    Would I be eligible for any benefits?
    Look at entitledto and/or turn2us. Both have benefits calculators where you can put in details and it shows you what you are likely to qualify for and how much you should get, if you are eligible. 
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  • I work as a copywriter, and writing essays, articles, and other content is how I make my living. When it comes to working part-time, there are indeed many factors to consider. For some, it's not about not wanting to work full-time but about balancing responsibilities. Individual circumstances, like caring for a loved one, partner's income, health, or financial situation, all play a role. A benefits calculator can help provide a clearer picture of what's appropriate for each situation.
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    theDon876 said:
    16-20 hours a week @ £10.35 hour. 

    Would I be eligible for any benefits?
    Everyone has assumed you mean state benefits, which may of course be the case.

    If you mean 'job benefits' (perks) then yes - generally pro-rated to full time employees.
    Googling on your question might have been both quicker and easier, if you're only after simple facts rather than opinions!  
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