Any Bakers Online?

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 I have to admit I have a sweet tooth, as my dentist will confirm. 

Now when I walk into a bakery quite a lot of the goods seem to be made with what I will describe as artificial cream. A quick search of the internet throws up several formulas: your basic buttercream (revolting!), a  German and Swish based recipe,I haven't tried either of those, and not forgetting Creme patissiere  but I just stick to double or whipped cream

Back to the bakers.  What is your recipe for that artificial cream I find in shop bought pastries , or is it like awful lot of material now a days delivered to you in containers and you just mix ?

I really would like to try it.  So any recipes?


  • thara1996
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    Heya. Welcome to the forums. So do I. In order to maintain a sweet tooth I bake cakes and biscuits at home on my own these days as well. I find recipes in free library cookbooks in question. Good luck. You mean butter cream. You can buy that easily too. 
  • grunnie
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    If I go to my local bakers with an empty jar they will sell be me some of their artificial cream. I love it with my home made meringues
  • bouicca21
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    Buttercream need not be awful if you make it with actual butter and reduce the amount of sugar.   You might consider making it with vanilla sugar or lemon zest and a bit of juice.
  • goldfinches
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    Welcome to the forum. In addition to buttercream you might give this delicious but admittedly somewhat more complicated concoction a try Vanilla Layer Cake with Ermine Icing | Nigella's Recipes | Nigella Lawson 


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    Buttercream is quite different to the cream filling in a shop bought cake around here. Made with butter, icing sugar then maybe a bit of vanilla essence and a splash of hot water from the kettle it is very easy to make. 

    I make buttercream to ice small cakes and then put sprinkles on top but agree that the fake cream in some bakery cakes is revolting and has probably never seen any dairy produce!
  • alisonway
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    I think you mean Confectioners Custard. This was quite common years ago when cream was expensive. There are several recipes online but I haven’t made this for about thirty years.
  • kah22
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    Buttercream - good god no!

    I'm thinking more of what grunnie says.  Must admit I never thought of buying it from the bakers. Out of curiosity what do they charge you?

    I was just thinking, I do that at night, does that particular type of cream have a name?
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