Cheap cloths drying

I hope this is in the right place , sorry if it's not.  Two years ago during the winter my old tumble dryer broke down during the winter months and I was forced to dry the clothes indoors on the radiators and on a clothes horse which took a long time and left the clothes smelling awful. I discovered after trying different things that if I put a 16 inch fan on the floor a short distance away that the clothes dried a lot quicker, they didn't smell and the cost of using the fan to dry them was tiny compared to using the tumble dryer. I did manage to get another tumble dryer but when I am stretching the pennies I still do this as it really does work.  


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    I have never had a tumble dryer in my life and nor would I want one. I also never dry clothes on a radiator. I put my things on a clothes horse either in the spare room or on the landing and put any shirts/tops on hangers in doorways then put my de-humidifier on.
    Clothes dry quickly, the air is kept dry and warm and nothing smells or feels stiff and starchy.
    Yes, that’s what I do after our washing has been on the outside line. It’s worth getting a dehumidifier if you’ve got the money. 

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    We hang clothes on racks over the bath in the winter. They do need to be turned regularly to help them dry, if you just hang them and wait for them to dry, they take ages and that's when they will smell.  Things like my husband's work shirts I'll hang on hangers on a long hook off a door, and again swap the order of them round as the outer ones start to dry.
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    Never underestimate the difference that having the facility to dry clothes outside makes.
    Today was a 3 load day! Whereas in the winter its one load at a time, early as possible and in before dark (not ideal).
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    Another that hangs washing outside as long as it isn't raining.  Dries overnight on an airer in our extension (don't have a conservatory unfortunately! but the extension is where a conservatory would be if we had one as it's between the living room and the garden!  Never had a damp problem in the 23 years we've lived here.

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