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Could your letter be the Sixtyplusurfers Star Letter? To celebrate our Autumn September October 2023 issue, we’ve teamed up with Dairy Diary to give you a fabulous prize bundle of cookery treats.

This stunning prize bundle includes the iconic Dairy Diary, the stunning new Four Seasons cookbook, a handy Pocket Diary & Pen, plus a Notebook & Pen – perfect for your pocket or handbag.

For your Chance to Win

Please send in your letters, photographs, recipes, poems, and handy tips, for your chance to win this fantastic prize. Or write a letter using one of the suggestions in our list below.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where you come from and where you live. Include some photographs.

2. Tell us what you have been doing. Have you had any celebrations, special birthdays or anniversaries? 

3. What are you doing during your retirement and spare time? Tell us about some of your activities and pastimes, and why you find them rewarding.

4. Have you had a a lovely day out, a short break, or a holiday? We would love to hear all about it. Include pictures.

5. Tell us about something important you have achieved in your life. Have you reached a lifetime goal, completed a difficult task, passed an exam, won an award or raised money for charity?

6. Have you been studying or learned a new skill? Tell us all about it.

7. Are you a keen gardener? Tell us about your garden, allotment, balcony or something you have grown on your window sill with pictures.

8. Share a delicious recipe or cookery tip, with pictures of the finished dish.

9. Tell us about your family and friends, and some of the lovely things you have been doing.

10. Tell us about your pets and include some cute and cuddly pictures.

11. Tell us about a prize you have won from a Sixtyplusurfers competition. 

12. Send in your handy tips and money saving ideas.

13. Share a DIY tip or a creative idea with pictures of the finished item.

14. Send in your photographs of what you used to do as a child, such as childhood games, pastimes, schooldays, and holidays, and tell us about it.

15. Have you done any charity work or helped someone in need?

16. Tell us about a bargain or a great product you have bought online.

17. Send in a poem, rhyme or a short piece of prose.

18. Tell us about your childhood family holidays and what was special about them. Include photos if you have them.

19. Have you discovered any keepsakes or memories of your past in the loft? Tell us about them, and why they mean so much to you.

20. Do you have any tips on recycling and re-using everyday items. We would love to hear about your environmentally friendly ideas.

21. Share your pearls of wisdom, words of advice and uplifting stories to the Sixtyplusurfers Letters page.

22. How long have you been reading Sixtyplusurfers? Have you been with us since the beginning? Are you the most loyal reader?

Please send your letters, pictures, poems, recipes, handy tips and funny stories to the Sixtyplusurfers inbox at: [email protected]

This should be clearly marked Readers’ Letters together with your full name, postal address and telephone number in case you are the winner! Please include plenty of colourful photographs.

The writer of the best letter will win 
the Dairy Diary and Four Seasons Cookbook Prize Bundle

* Your data will not be shared with any third parties and will be deleted after 
the winner has claimed their prize

* This competition is open to 
our UK visitors only

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