Looking for British Gas duel fuel standard variable Tariffs - historical data

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Hello All,

Looking for some help here and apologies for the length (thanks for reading!).

My complaint against British Gas via the ombudsman has just been upheld.

Basically - I have been on a (duel fuel) economy 7 tariff since 2012, despite having no storage heaters etc and when I queried this they said it was because I had an economy 7 meter.  

Since 2018 at least (that's the oldest bill I have) they have only been billing me for day usage, but at the economy7 rate.  It transpires it was actually the day meter that was not going up and BG knew this having read the meter in 2018, 2020 and 2022 that I can prove and incorrectly recording the day/night readings.

BG have been told to "Rebill electricity from 18 July 2018 to 10 July 2023, proportionately applying standard variable (single register/Profile Class 01) tariff prices; using opening reads of 48,460 (‘LOW’/night) and 42,631 (‘NORMAL’/day); and closing reads of 68,352 (‘LOW’/night) and 42,631 (‘NORMAL’/day). Alternatively, if unable to rebill in this way, apply a credit for the difference in charges, taking into account tariff changes."

I can find no historical data on BG tariffs, and BG failed to provide this both in response to my original complaint (which they never responded to) and the ombudsman's investigation. BG did provide incomplete evidence, albeit 15 days late, whilst offering me £79 compensation! 

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction of where I can obtain the historical  information?

Alternatively if anyone can provide me with British Gas' standard variable rates for electricity since   2018 that would be great - I would be happy to collate and post my findings here.   I think it is ridiculous that this information is not freely available.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    josay said:
    Since 2018 at least (that's the oldest bill I have)
    Alternatively if anyone can provide me with British Gas' standard variable rates for electricity since 2018 that would be great
    The Ofgem price cap was introduced in 2018, and took effect from January 2019. Since the introduction of the cap, most major suppliers' standard variable tariffs have followed the cap.
    Details fo the cap since introduction are available from Ofgem's website.
    Because the cap varies by region, and because Ofgem's publications aren't particularly readable, it takes a bit of work to figure out exactly what rates applied where and when.
    I have a spreadsheet that works these things out but I only go back as far as April 2020 so unfortunately I don't have the full dataset you're looking for.
    Here's an example screenshot showing the rates from April 2020:

    N. Hampshire, he/him. Octopus Go elec & Tracker gas / Shell BB / Lyca mobi. Ripple Kirk Hill member.
    2.72kWp PV facing SSW installed Jan 2012. 11 x 247w panels, 3.6kw inverter. 30MWh generated, long-term average 2.6 Os.
    Ofgem cap table, Ofgem cap explainer. Economy 7 cap explainer. Gas vs E7 vs peak elec heating costs.
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